A Song For You

Friday is one our favorite days of the week. It’s the end of the work week. It is the time to look forward to sleeping in late, spending time with our families maybe relax bit if we’re lucky. It’s also one of two days of the week we arrange for date night.  There are couples that enjoy time alone every couple months. Others make it a point to schedule date night as often as possible until babies crash the party.

Yesterday, I went to brunch with my daughter. We sat at a local café where writers go sit for endless hours to splatter their souls all over their screens. There was one couple in the entire place which made it easy for us to spot. They had that look in their eyes – you know the one you gave your significant other early on in your relationship. It was truly sweet to see love in such a beautiful state. The moment that followed became even more delightful! The music playing in the background would seem to adorn the atmosphere. We watched how the gentleman at the table broke out in song for his girl. He sang along to the tune of Frank Sinatra“s Fly Me to the Moon.” Witnessing this demonstration of love with my daughter wasn’t just about a man displaying his talents as a crooner.  The significance it had for me was tied into the visualization of a couple showing how smitten they were, shamelessly and playfully in public. Is it possible they were on a first date? Or had only been together a short time without the realities of a mortgage, children, schedules and responsibilities? Yes, these are all very possible but I didn’t care. My focus was on a song for her, as well as, the emotions displayed for the object of his affection.  I appreciated being in the audience as she received the gift of romance without embarrassment. It was a moment in life to enjoy goodness.

If you watch the news, read the headlines and scroll through the current television programming. It’s easy to let cynicism seep into our mindset. The modern world has made a good case for letting ourselves grow cold. The layers of experience change our views on many things in life. It certainly adds a blanket of complexity to our lives tough to navigate at times. Some of which can send us drifting towards pessimism making it challenging to find joy in the simplest things. I’m guilty of the trap as many of you reading this blog. My intention in sharing the moment we experienced is to remind you to pause. Take a brief minute to pay attention to the many displays of love around us. The things you choose as a focal point in time become your reality.  Let’s give our real life some color this weekend.

Have an amazing weekend!

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