The Most Important Step You Will Take on the Road to Success in Anything You Do

“To be responsible, keep your promises to others. To be successful, keep your promises to yourself.” – Marie Forleo

How easy is it to keep a promise to a friend, boyfriend, husband, sister, boss or loved one? How many personal projects have you started then decided other things were more important leaving your plans halfway done?

We spend a lot of time helping those we care about fulfill goals and responsibilities. It gives us joy to be a partner in the completion of their projects. Doing so offers great satisfaction. Sometimes even more than doing the work for ourselves. I’m not sure if it’s a matter of procrastination, fear of failure or the need to nurture. The responsibility felt towards others can be overwhelming but we keep finding ways to honor the promises we make to everyone. This is something we do even when it costs too much. Although virtuous, it can be fatal to our self-development.

We’re morally responsible for upholding our promises. We are as good as our word, aren’t we? Being reliable is essential to build trust in any relationship. You want to be known for your dependability. However, you must remember that you are just as or more important than anyone. Your first responsibility is to yourself. Success starts with you. The importance of showing up for yourself by following through on your goals shouldn’t be underestimated. Is it easy to push back on the things we want to do in place of everyone else’s needs? Not at all. But it might feel selfish to put our own needs first. Newsflash! It’s a catch-22 if you aren’t a tiny bit selfish, if you don’t do the things you want to do then how will you accomplish all that you are capable of? Time on earth is borrowed. There is an allotted amount of time to make it all happen. You can make promises to do or help but it should never cost you an interview, a deadline, doctor’s appointment or your child’s soccer game. There are tons of life’s examples with different sets of circumstances. The key to it all is balance.

In order to succeed at anything we have to set boundaries that prioritize the end goals. We should lend a helping hand without sacrificing our personal projects, needs or happiness. Success comes with great responsibility. Having the courage not to allow ourselves to be compromised is the most meaningful promise we’ll ever make in our lives.

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