How to Teach Yourself to Love Your Body

Women have many similarities. We look check on our appearance several times a day. Is the hair in place, make up or outfit right? Have I reached my body goals? Not surprising, I’ve been guilty of the same behavior.

Staring at the mirror sets in motion a line of self-questioning. Sirens go off in a quiet corner of my head. I ask myself – am I thin as I can be? Is my hair straight enough? Can my looks be enhanced by wearing colored contact lenses? The feeling of putting on a couple of pounds or seeing my skin dull and tired is enough to make me want to curl up in a ball some days. It’s like waking up to a bag of tricks my mind played on me. Body image is something many of us struggle with regardless of who we are.

Do you ever pick yourself apart thinking about the things you dislike or would like to change about yourself? I used to do it all the time until I realized the truth about myself.  There is insurmountable pressure on women to preserve youth. We’ve been led to believe beauty is defined by our looks. This ideal injects insecurities in the most beautiful women in the world. We’re never quite happy with what we have. It’s our nature to be dissatisfied with some part of ourselves. Unless, we choose to accept and love the body we are in this will never change.

I’ve always had a petite frame. Once I had my daughter, things were different. My body shape changed as nature had borrowed it for nine months. Since then, it’s been possible to maintain a healthy weight by maintaining a clean lifestyle. Eating healthy is essential to my mental and physical well-being. Overall, I feel better when I eat right. I incorporate all the food groups and I only eat when hungry. Unless, I’m working out. During those times, I try adding more protein as an energy source. I do the best I can within my means.

I’m not obsessed with the gym. However, I do enjoy boxing regularly when finances and schedule allows. Managing my role as mom with a full-time job and relationship takes a lot out of me. But I’ve learned to prioritize my needs. I treat myself to the occasional cheat. Whether it’s my favorite wine, pizza or pasta. I try to be careful not to overdo it. But will reward myself to something I crave. Life is more fun when we give into a little indulgence from time to time.

Everyone’s body shape is different. We have to get familiar with our bodies. The body responds according to how we care for it. Start this love affair with your natural body by making some minor changes to improve wellness. The shift of mindset is a significant step in beginning the process. It’s continuous work but incredibly worthwhile to appreciate all that you are as a woman.

Allow yourself to feel gratitude. You woke up this morning with life. Each day you rise is another opportunity to change what you aren’t happy with in your life.

Seek happiness within yourself first. If you aren’t happy inside – it won’t matter what you look like on the outside. Our shell serves as protection from the external forces we deal with on a daily basis. The substance of a woman is at her core. Take pride in who you are as a person. Have empathy for people who are only capable of seeing the superficial. Being objectified doesn’t have to strip you of your worth. Those are their limitations not yours. Take charge of your self-esteem. Find your beautiful and own it. Wear it with joy knowing there is no one else like you.

We all have insecurities about our bodies. People, mostly women are constantly searching to fit the “ideal” body type. I propose, instead we seek our best, healthy self. One that we’re comfortable with when we look in the mirror. More importantly, let’s work on securing our overall mental and physical well-being.

We can easily exercise the self-criticism. Let’s challenge each other to do the opposite today.

On a post-note write down the three things you love most about your body? Stick the note up somewhere you can see it everyday to remind you of your uniqueness.

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