Older Women Dating Younger Men

Dating is tough at any age but as we get older it just becomes a bit more complicated. We get set in our ways. The baggage we lug around can weigh down on our shoulders. For many the maturity helps us figure out the deal breakers. It offers time to learn what we want or not willing to accept in relationships.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, JLo and Casper, Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa just to name a few. Emmanuel Macron is married to a woman 24 years his senior. Most recent buzz around Celine Dion and her beau, Pepe Munoz who is 15 years younger than her. Older women courting younger men. Whether curiosity or judgment, many seem to feel the need to express an opinion on the matter.

Boy meets girl, introduction that opens the door to  attraction. Nature, organically takes its own course. Two grown adults decide to engage in the mating dance. These relationships only differ in the ages of the people participating.

Men have been dating younger for decades. People don’t think as much of it because its such a common occurrence. Tables turn as younger men are enjoying the company of a more sophisticated, mature woman. So, why do we choose to criticize women for doing the same thing men have been doing for years? I’m not totally convinced it’s anyone’s fault. Society sets different rules for women than it does for men. Don’t they? This runs in line with the old world mindset that continues to hold us back today.

We’ve been conditioned to believe it’s wrong for women to date younger but shouldn’t we, as women celebrate the breaking of boundaries set for us. Isn’t it liberating to free ourselves of the old world views that don’t serve mental growth? I say, we should support each other to do and be different if that helps forward thinking.

I have someone in my life that made the choice to break the rules. She spent most of her life in an unhappy marriage. Later in life, divorce took her on a different path. She met a much younger man she married later in life. They have now been together 18 years. Ups and downs as any couple with some issues unique to the circumstances but none of it enough to dissolve the union.

Some argue this type of relationship won’t work, possible – yes, but what guarantees any relationship to work. A couple may face distinctive challenges. For example, criticism from loved ones and people close to the couple to problems with child rearing for some. There are modern solutions that can remedy these issues. Having honest and open conversations to address them in advance helps.

Maturity can be attractive to men looking for a partner that is more grounded or thinks differently about life because of their extensive personal experience in relationships. Older women can have personalities that might be perceived to be more intellectual focused, relaxed and confident in what they want for themselves. Added life experiences help us create worldly point of views.

It is important to remember that compatibility isn’t dependent on age but on chemistry and shared interests. There are plenty of couples that meet and hit it off. There are men and women with a preference for younger partners, as they feel it can offer something not found in an older mate. Possible increase in level of energy, zest for life or sexual drive. Not everyone sets out to catch a younger partner, it’s attraction. It can be anything from mental to physical attractiveness that draws us into a relationship. Whatever the reason, it is your life. The decision of whom to date is a private and personal choice is to be made by two consenting adults.

A love connection is about an emotion that age cannot comprehend.

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