Should You Believe in Soulmates?

The collection of books and films selling the soulmate storyline could be in the millions – maybe billion. A soulmate is believed to be someone created especially for you. Connected to you by an inexplicable force that only you understand. You sense you’ve known him forever but you haven’t. It’s a symbiotic relationship formed organically from hours, days or weeks of meeting someone. It would appear you’re drawn to each other, almost effortlessly. The magnet of mutual attraction is energy that can feel like a gravitational pull. Everything fortified further by an unspoken connection between the two people destined to be together.

Doesn’t it sound magical?

People are born for connection. Whether you choose to have them or not depends partly on a will to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Truth is, it is absolutely possible to meet someone and think you belong together. Having a feeling that you’ve known this person all your life. Sometimes, its the one individual that can almost read your mind.

In a lifetime we’ll have one or more partners. We’ll fall in love at least once. It isn’t unheard of to shape a bond so strong that you sense you’re one. Love is one of the most powerful emotions outside of hate. It can make you believe in miracles.

In short, should you believe in soulmates? Do you buy the story of such a being existing on the planet? One special soul created just for YOU.

The beauty of being a woman today, is that no matter what ideals you hold dear, its your choice to be an independent thinker. You have the right to believe what you want with no obligation to accept world view.

Whatever your beliefs are about love, relationships, children and life. Own them. If you feel there’s a soul out there to match your heart. If the thought of a soulmate brings you hope and you relish in the future of a great love. Open your heart to the joy of this possibility.

Everyone deserves a great love in their life. If you’re one of the lucky ones then count your blessings. One word of caution would be – beware of unrealistic expectations such as perfection. You may meet someone who is as close to perfect as can be, for you. It doesn’t mean he (or you) won’t make mistakes. You shouldn’t hold him to a different standard. He should treat you with love, respect and value your worth.

Love is complicated and not always made to last, even a soulmate’s. There are people that come into our lives to teach us something. A lesson in love, compassion or human connection. While we won’t understand the reasons for their departure and our pain. It’s crucial to find resolve in the aftermath of broken love.

If you’re lucky to still be holding your soulmate’s heart, today. Stay present to savor the moments of happiness.

Trust your soul to guide you to what you need.

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    1. Hello Agnes! Thank you so much for reading AW. Means so much to have your trust and support. Never meant to give the impression, I don’t believe in soulmates. I think life is full of possibilities. It seems unfair to create unrealistic expectations. Love is amazing, complicated and life is messy. You may very well find your soulmate. He may cherish, protect and fight for every inch of the relationship. Just remember, it will take both of you to mold it into the vision you want it to be. Don’t give up. Love is worth fighting for – hope for a great love because that’s what makes life exciting and worthwhile.


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