Learning the Value in Making Mistakes

If you were given a choice:

A. Keep your life as is, with all those things you consider mistakes.

B. Go back in time to erase your mistakes?

Which would you choose?

Before you answer, consider what would be missing from present life, were it not for those so-called mistakes? Would you still give the same answer?

Go back to the first significant mistake you made in your life. An event that impacted the way you think or act today. What did the moment or situation teach you? Was it valuable? Did the lesson learned make you a better or stronger person?

I’m not sure if it’s because I am a woman or just me. Beating myself up over past blunders has become a sport. Over the course of the years, I’ve worked hard to make changes that will benefit my well-being. Understanding we all make mistakes was important to do. Learning to accept my part in them was essential but also, embracing the idea that these did not define me was even more crucial. Only way to get past the pain.

There was a time when I tried as hard as I could to keep life in a nice neat bow. Between divorce, adapting to single life afterwards and managing a bout of depression – that idea went down the toilet! Life is messy. Mistakes are going to happen no matter what but I wouldn’t erase any of it. For me, divorce taught me, I could stand alone and be OK. Being single during my early 30’s forced me to figure out what I wanted from a relationship. It also helped me figure out what I wasn’t willing to accept from a man. The depression that resulted from the life-changing event pushed me into a transformation. I have not been the same person since – I’m stronger and dare I say, wiser. Having a much better sense of who I am as a woman.

Perfection is an illusion. The thought that we can be flawless is a distortion of reality. Think about all you’ve learned by making errors. You wouldn’t be who you are, were it not for the tests life has presented.

Personally, the lessons gained outweigh the guilt of messing up. Of course, it’s a milestone to be able to arrive at this place. Much less say it out loud or put it out there for all of you to read. Getting a grasp of my Self-worth, Confidence and Awareness has been worth everything. The growing pains have left some emotional scarring which I now consider part of me. The difference today is that I don’t believe that’s all there is to me. We’re so much more than our screw ups. Seeing this truth can change your outlook on your life.

If you’re being haunted by mistakes. If you think your life would be perfect were it not for those so-called failures – think again. You are where you are today because of the actions or decisions taken. You have control over the next step. Instead of pondering what you would erase in your life. Consider the future and how you see yourself to be. What can you do now to make every moment count? Where do you begin to make the rest of your life the best ever?

The value in mistakes comes when we figure out the lessons. Use the knowledge to improve. It can lead to some grounbreaking personal growth.

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