When a Woman Leaves Emotionally, Is It Just a Matter of Time?

Women are generally, more in touch with their feelings. We are usually the ones looking for connection in our relationships. Seeking mental or emotional bonding, whereas men tend to get what they need physically. They may be totally content with the status quo. The disparity with some couples is enough to drive a wedge between two people. Whether or not the admission comes, plenty of women make an early departure from the relationship. Sadly, there are countless men oblivious to the withdrawal.

Women regardless of being wives, fiance and girlfriends can feel unappreciated. You are not asked how you feel, what your dreams or needs are in life or the relationship. You take a back seat to others, sometimes neglecting personal desires. The level of selflessness taken on, goes far beyond what is acceptable. The superwoman, eventually becomes human. Resentment, bottled up anger or self-pity can creep in, when it feels you are not being taken care of. Detaching yourself emotionally is often the only way to deal with the negative emotions. A mental check out is the escape route used out of loneliness or misery. This period can last as long as needed to cope.

A mental exit from a relationship may feel similar to driving on autopilot. The system manages the vehicle while quietly monitoring and repairing issues that arise. When we leave a relationship in our minds we go through the motions. Operating without demonstrating true feelings instead hiding the bad ones deep down for no one to find. The problem with boxing up these emotions? You end up with a void that cannot be filled. The longer you delude yourself into thinking it is the best solution, the deeper in denial you end up. Emotional damage experienced is serious, it can end up being the cause for a complete deterioration of your relationship. An inevitable breaking point if you don’t purge.

Women can pull away from a partners in subtle manner. There are different ways to silently acquire distance. The stealth move may barely be noticed by an unobservant eye. The situation can last indefinitely, in some case, so long that it’s too late to fix by the time he senses a problem.

The check-out may begin with a loss of interest in sharing. We don’t care to continue providing details of our day-to-day. Feeling it’s a waste of energy. Our loved one, might unknowingly display what’s perceived as disinterest that shatters the heart. We fear the aloof behavior, easily confusing it with rejection. At the end of the day, everyone just wants to feel loved and wanted. I’m not sure if it is pride or hurt but it does change the dynamics of a relationship over time.

A woman has the ability to create an excuse for each day of the week. Her intent to save herself from physically engaging with her mate is a major red flag. It is another step towards an imminent implosion of the couple’s foundation. Once the connection is lost between lovers it can be difficult to reinstate it. Of course, it is possible but the vessel continues to drift away from her lover’s shoreline if not given a line. It is a skate on thin ice leaving some women quite vulnerable to infidelity, loneliness and ultimately, loss of love.

Relationships have ups and downs that are not easy to navigate. Lover’s wants and needs vary. It takes a certain level of effort to get the right balance. There will be necessary adjustments made along the way but paying attention to mutual desires is extremely helpful to make it a successful partnership. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. You must be willing to state what you want out of your partner. Men do not read minds, although, we would love to think so. Guidance can save a relationship from sinking. 

Walking out on your guy can be averted in certain instances by opening a line of honest and direct communication. Not only is it in the best interest of the relationship to speak up but you too. It is not fair to deprive yourself of physical or emotional needs. Let’s express instead of suppress, Ladies!

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    1. It happens more often than we think, many cannot take the step forward. May be out of fear, embarrassment, lack of support – so msny reasons but you can’t suffer in silence forever. It will eat you up inside.


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