Happy Birthday AW!

AW was born one year ago today. An open invitation published, asking you to read about a woman’s journey. Since then thousands of readers worldwide have given AW Follows, Likes and Comments that serve as inspiration.

As a Latina woman from New York, I’m humbled. Sharing your stories via DM and email is a gift. Thank you for trusting me. We have been able to strengthen one another by opening up about our struggles as women.

Girls Corner” was the first official article on AW. It was written to empower women everywhere and connect with Awakened-Woman. I hope you’ve been inspired to seek your best self. Encouraged to ask for what you deserve, accepting nothing less than the best. You are worth it.

Great strides have been accomplished during the course of this past year. AW has had guest spots on the podcast I’ve Got Your Number and Unchain your inner strength available on iTunes, Spotify, and Podbean. It was featured on Women on Topp, a widely popular digital magazine. Contributor of close to a dozen articles on Thrive Global. The exposure has been uplifting as a new writer.

The most recent achievement which I’m excited for you to read is the AW book. Black Rose Writing has set ”A Journey to Finding the Best Self” for release on July 4, 2019.

This year has been a learning experience that does not stop. The tremendous personal growth continues to empower me as a woman. AW is grateful to be part of your ongoing journey, as well.

Hope you keep coming back to AW for enrichment and inspiration. We are strong women with much in common no matter the background. My wish is that AW is a place we can all come to help make each other better.

Thank you for reading my articles! May the next year be even more amazing for all.

Toast to you!

“Protected content. 2019 awakened-woman.com”

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