We Build Teams by Empowering Each Other

On Saturday, July 7, 2019, the United States Women’s Soccer claimed their 4th soccer championship. Women around the world cheered for their team. Groups of young girls and women of all ages were rooting for victory. Team effort requires pulling together for a cause – to win. Audiences celebrated the proud moment and shared in the emotion. The epic win is only one example of what happens when women work together.

Recently, ”A Journey to Becoming the Best Self” was included in the Las Femmes Artistes exhibit at PVAA Art Place in Montclaire, CA. Founder, Kay Kelman united 27 artists to contribute to a display of self-expression. It was a moment that I wanted to capture in an article promoting female empowerment.

While there are plenty of sources that feed stories about the catty and competitive behavior that plagues female relationships, one thing holds true. Women have the capacity to collaborate successfully.

Recently, I began a gig as content writer for BeLatina magazine. This opportunity has allowed me to extend my network of amazingly gifted women. When an offer came from the magazine to put together a piece highlighting the event, I jumped at the chance! Having their support to help highlight other women’s work was a wonderful experience. The article has been well received and I’m extremely grateful.

The voyage has just begun but Awakened-Woman continues to flourish. My goal is to spread inspiration and empowerment. I believe sharing our lessons, wisdom, words, and thoughts make us stronger. Great things can happen when we connect and contribute towards a common goal. I’ve come across women who are brave, strong and possess an incredible desire to thrive. They encourage me to keep pushing forward on the toughest days.

The AW platform offers a chance to encourage other women to follow their dreams. Hopefully, giving you insight into my journey, as I take the plunge, will motivate you to take some chances. We should not wish our life away, instead, let’s spend time doing the things that make our heart smile. During the process, consider giving fellow women an assist because the best way to build an invincible team is by empowering one another.

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