AW Celebrity Interviews for BELatina News

Timing is everything. There may have been moments you were tapped on the shoulder by opportunity but you weren’t exactly ready for what was in store. I believe when the moment is right, things organically come together to get you to where you’re supposed to land. Meanwhile, the best we can do is do the work to create, improve, and shape the life envisioned.

I have been asked, when did I set out to write – a book, for a magazine, my blog? Truth is, I did not plan or set the goal to become a writer. Life happened, it still is happening, and I felt that sharing my experiences as a woman would help others who might feel alone or lost in their journey.

Cultivating relationships during this process has further inspired me to continue telling the stories that encourage others. The amazing response has led me to believe I had a gift to offer the world. Awakened-Woman was born from the realization that we all need a community and connection. A place to meet other women and have a healthy exchange about fears, insecurities, and all things female that we may not want to ask or discuss with anyone else. A circle to read topics that affect us all. If these articles lend a hand to others out of a dark or painful place and find some hope then it is worth it. Greatness lives within but it cannot reveal itself until we tap into our power. I am learning to use mine for light.

The possibilities are knocking more often these days, as I meet new people, write inspiring pieces while building the AW brand. In recent weeks, opportunities are knocking louder. The work with BELatina News has provided a chance for some great profile interviews –

  • Director, SJ Main Munoz who recently directed, an NBC “Chicago Med” episode
  • Chicago Fire, television Actor, Joe Minoso
  • Multi-Grammy Winner, Latin Pop Sensation, Luis Fonsi. Best-known for the 2017 megahit, “Despacito” whose music video has received 6 billion views on YouTube as of 2019.
  • Raquel Castro, Actress/Songwriter and Singer. She played Gertie in “Jersey Girl” starring Jennifer Lopez. She also had a recurring role on Fox-TV popular show “Empire.” Most recently she won NBC’s Songland with “Wrong Places” for R&B artist H.E.R. Grateful for the chance to speak with Raquel for BELatina News
  • Profile Interview with Actress, Isabella Sierra, Reina del Sur, Telemundo for BELatina News
  • NBC’s World of Dance, Professional Dancers, Jefferson & Adrianita for BELatina News
  • NBC’s World of Dance, Professional Dance Team, Show Stopper Miami for BELatina News
  • Nathalie Kelley, who plays Noa Hamilton in ABC’s “The Baker and the Beauty for BELatina News

The only way to know what we are truly capable of is by accepting challenges.  I would not have the rewarding experiences of today if I didn’t answer the call. Taking a calculated risk is better than living with the “What if?.” Take a chance to learn something new. Don’t be afraid to see what is on the other side of that door. It may guide you to thrilling adventures that help cultivate a life you could have only imagined.

I hope you check out my newest articles at BELatina.

Stay tuned for more exciting news to come!

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