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Hola! I’m Yvette, Founder and Author of Awakened-Woman. A mother, passionate about writing, inspiring others, reading and self-improvement. Thank you so much for visiting AW!

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The AW journey began in 2018. A life-changing event sparked the need to reconnect with my true self. The unraveling that took place, produced AW and book “A Journey to Becoming the Best Self.” Since then, articles on woman empowerment, dating, relationships, love, self-worth, self-improvement, identity, and other topics have appeared in Belatina News, Thrive Global and The Best Holistic Life Magazine. Enjoy a vast library of articles meant to inspire your own journey. Read more

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“Don’t allow “The Dip” to scare you out of doing what you are meant to do – be fearless on the journey to becoming the best self.” -AW

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