Modern Families

Most recently, celebrities such as Gabrielle Union and Kim Kardashian among others are placing a spotlight on the various ways to build a family. Women all over the world have been trying for years in private. Couples have looked at different options to start a brood of their own. There is no longer one way … Continue reading Modern Families

When Was the Last Time You Did It?

The daily grind can sometimes drain the joy, positivity, energy and hope from our bodies. You can feel like the hamster on a wheel. It's hard to get off the ride. Humdrum lives happen to everyone, often. It's all part of normal life until it becomes a problem. The day we stop laughing out loud … Continue reading When Was the Last Time You Did It?

The Secret My Mother Never Told Me…

The relationships we have with our mothers have a significant impact on us growing up. We look to the matriarch of the family, not only to teach us how to be a woman. She shows us the first examples of how to manage relationships with our partners, children and ourselves. All relationships take work because … Continue reading The Secret My Mother Never Told Me…

Coming Soon to Shelves Near You…

Many of us have a dream. A thought, so grand that we don't dare envision because it can seem completely out of reach. You probably do not foresee your idea materializing. It is too hard or complicated to be attainable, feels impossible. What stops us from pursuing these dreams? Resources, time and energy necessary is … Continue reading Coming Soon to Shelves Near You…

You Will Want to Read this Before Dating a Man with Children

Dating someone with a child or children has its separate rule book. He might cancel last-minute because his kid is sick. Quick thinking romantic getaway weekends are rarely (or never) sprung on you. Dropping by his place at any given time, unannounced? Unlikely. We're familiar with situations where women have the bulk of the parenting … Continue reading You Will Want to Read this Before Dating a Man with Children

3 Must Haves For Successful Co-Parenting

The word “divorce” is often perceived as a bad word by participants and outsiders alike. It evokes negative emotions that can brew the most awful stew. The anger, resentment and loneliness create a recipe for disaster. If you understand this wicked recipe, you can see how difficult and draining the process is over time. It has … Continue reading 3 Must Haves For Successful Co-Parenting

Open Your Eyes …

Our eyes see what they want to see. Life opens them to all types of ugly. Some of which can be too much to bear, at times. But what happens when we get a glimpse of something truly worth appreciating. Do you value it? Can you pause long enough to allow yourself an instant of … Continue reading Open Your Eyes …

2019 Gives Rise to AW, The Book

Every year we take inventory. Evaluate careers, relationships, finances, goals and wellness. Taking pause to look at the areas of our lives that need tweaking. In 2018, a friend suggested that I write a list of goals or dreams. These would be things I'd pursue in the name of happiness. When sitting down to write … Continue reading 2019 Gives Rise to AW, The Book

Thank you for Listening

Hopefully, you were able to catch the segment of real talk on "I've Got Your Number" online radio show. During the online chat we discussed women's topics as related to relationships, dating, co-parenting, children, divorce, abuse, love, heartbreak and self-love. The opportunity allowed me to touch on some of the issues we experience as a … Continue reading Thank you for Listening

How Do You Cope with Mommy Guilt in a Healthy Way?

My daughter was born almost 16 years ago. It seems like just the other day she was living inside my womb. Life and kids themselves have a way of reminding us of how quickly time gets away. Recently, while preparing for an adult's weekend getaway. I hesitated pondered a thought. Was I wrong to go … Continue reading How Do You Cope with Mommy Guilt in a Healthy Way?