Girl, You Got This!

People are good at finding wrongs. We can think of a dozen reasons to convince ourselves not to do something, especially when it means putting our needs first or taking a risk. Women are particularly hard on themselves, after all, our job is to take care of everyone. Caregivers, nurtures and pillars of families. People … Continue reading Girl, You Got This!

It Can Happen to Any Woman

You have now seen the cover of "A Journey to Becoming the Best Self" But what is the book about? Who should read it? Why should you buy it? Millions of books are written each year, only some hundred thousand make it to the shelves. Tons of stories remain in our heads. Words never making … Continue reading It Can Happen to Any Woman

AW: Inside Story

Thank you #womenontopp for the wonderful piece on AW. Inside Story of a Freelance Writer gives hope to all women. I hope you enjoy the article. Please Follow, Like or Comment on AW to let me know you are inspired! I believe we empower ourselves when we use our platforms to help other women rise. … Continue reading AW: Inside Story

A Sisterhood of Empowered Women

Growing up, I enjoyed the friendship and support of strong females. Girlfriends that shared the happy, fun and sad moments. They stood by me during some of the best and worst times as I began to learn about myself. Female relationships are valuable at any age. The tricky part when we're younger is that we … Continue reading A Sisterhood of Empowered Women

3 Major Changes You Must Make if You are Looking to Reinvent Yourself at Any Age

Reinventing yourself from time to time is not uncommon. While many looks for ways to feel younger, others have a deeper desire to express themselves. We change the color of our hair, wardrobe, attitude, job or entire life. The need to try something new takes us on self-exploration we're not always ready for at certain … Continue reading 3 Major Changes You Must Make if You are Looking to Reinvent Yourself at Any Age

Guest Spot “Unchain Your Inner Strength”

Our journeys take us to many places, meeting different people along the way. I’m lucky to continue extending my network with talented, kind, intelligent and empowered women. I believe that being in the company of strong women further strengthens us as we learn from each other. AW gave birth to a new me. Divorce sparked … Continue reading Guest Spot “Unchain Your Inner Strength”

Learn to Cope with Rejection Instead of Fearing It

Have you talked yourself out of trying something new for fear of failure? Does the idea of giving up cross your mind to avoid being turned down? I don't know many people not fearful of rejection but it's crucial to attack the fear monger within. Rejection is a big issue for both men and women. … Continue reading Learn to Cope with Rejection Instead of Fearing It

Learning the Value in Making Mistakes

If you were given a choice: A. Keep your life as is, with all those things you consider mistakes. B. Go back in time to erase your mistakes? Which would you choose? Before you answer, consider what would be missing from present life, were it not for those so-called mistakes? Would you still give the … Continue reading Learning the Value in Making Mistakes

Not Sorry.

One decision can change the course of life, forever. It can set off a trail of events that may either improve life in some way or throw everything into a funnel of doubt and regret. Regret is draining and worthless. It has no benefit, other than force you into a world of examination. Contemplating the … Continue reading Not Sorry.

Removing Those High-Priced Handcuffs

Have you ever felt trapped? Confined by a lifestyle you enjoy but comes with an expensive price tag. Cornered into a job, you strongly dislike for the toxicity it brings to your life. Working at something you have no passion or interest in but it pays the roof over your head, education, cars or schools. … Continue reading Removing Those High-Priced Handcuffs