Happy Thanksgiving 2019

Each year, men, women and children gather on this day to indulge in a wonderful feast of different foods and treats. Friends and family near and far sit together to celebrate the start of a magical holiday season. Our favorite tunes on the playlist with a Thanksgiving football game in the background. Glorious fun to … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving 2019

AW Challenge, Week 3: Secret Snowflake

The AW Challenge for Week 3 had to be an act that would shift the focus away from me. Instead, I wanted to do something to make a difference in another person's life. The end goal was to make it a positive experience. I was set on what I wanted, although, how I would achieve … Continue reading AW Challenge, Week 3: Secret Snowflake

The Secret My Mother Never Told Me…

The relationships we have with our mothers have a significant impact on us growing up. We look to the matriarch of the family, not only to teach us how to be a woman. She shows us the first examples of how to manage relationships with our partners, children and ourselves. All relationships take work because … Continue reading The Secret My Mother Never Told Me…

Do You Know Why March is an Important Month?

The month of March has many of us thinking of warmer weather. We push clocks forward getting extra daylight to put a pep in our step! The beginning of a new season bringing hope to enjoy life outdoors a bit more, especially for those of us on the East Coast. March sets off a long … Continue reading Do You Know Why March is an Important Month?

Lend Your Support on Valentine’s Day

On February 14th we celebrate Valentine's Day. It's the day many couples flood romantic restaurants to show adoration for their mate. Husbands, boyfriends, significant others rush to the scene of a jewelry, Godiva or flower shop to spend money in the name of love. Millions of women are showered with demonstrations of "I love you." … Continue reading Lend Your Support on Valentine’s Day

Have You Been Naughty or Nice?

Expectations that as a gender you should carry yourself, speak or dress a certain way have long tied women down to an ideal. We are held by different standards in society because of old world thinking and preconceived notions imposed by society. Many of us follow the pack. Easier than going against the grain. May … Continue reading Have You Been Naughty or Nice?

Unveiling of a New Look for Awakened-Woman!

We all go through stages in our lives when we feel that a revamp is in order. A trip to the hairdresser for a fresh-cut or color. Shopping for a new outfit to make us feel extra special on any given day. Who hasn't experienced the feeling. Most women and girls alike enjoy dressing up … Continue reading Unveiling of a New Look for Awakened-Woman!

Tis the Season 2018

The holiday season is upon us. It’s that time of year men and women everywhere, all ages, reflect about life up to now. We pause to ponder wins, hardship and think about how lucky we are to have people in our lives to remind us of what's truly important. The year 2018 has brought me … Continue reading Tis the Season 2018

Don’t Stop Giving Thanks on Any Day

On Thanksgiving day, we'll sit around an oven roasted, well-dressed turkey. Some of us will pass the wine, while others pass the gravy. Visiting friends and family from all parts of the globe join the table. It's a tradition in North America to celebrate the Pilgrim feast with the Indians. A holiday favorite. It has … Continue reading Don’t Stop Giving Thanks on Any Day

Happy 4th of July!

July 4th is the day we commemorate the independence of our nation. Tomorrow, we celebrate the birth of our nation. Each year the federal holiday allows us to pack our bags and families traveling to barbeques, beaches and parks. In recent years, we've gone through a significant change in the political climate. Sadly, this has … Continue reading Happy 4th of July!