Can You Have the Best of Both Worlds in this Relationship?

During the initial stages of love, we want to spend every moment with the object of our affection. The intoxication of love overwhelms the senses. Calls, texts, and numerous dates leave us looking forward to that next time. The banter and fireworks can last months or years. Once the first stages pass, the couple’s comfort … Continue reading Can You Have the Best of Both Worlds in this Relationship?

Coming Soon to Shelves Near You…

Many of us have a dream. A thought, so grand that we don't dare envision because it can seem completely out of reach. You probably do not foresee your idea materializing. It is too hard or complicated to be attainable, feels impossible. What stops us from pursuing these dreams? Resources, time and energy necessary is … Continue reading Coming Soon to Shelves Near You…

How to Stop Being the Woman Who Raises Men

By nature, women are caretakers and nurturers. Many of us enjoy the feeling of being needed and taking care of others. Mothers, wives, and girlfriends looking to create the best life for loved ones. Making the tribe happy gives us a sense of purpose. But what happens when we do the same for our men … Continue reading How to Stop Being the Woman Who Raises Men

The Arrangement

Modern couples make all types of arrangements nowadays to accommodate lifestyles. Men and women commit but live in separate residences or split time between domiciles. They choose alternate living situations to fit schedules, careers, finances or preferences. Many of the unions have a big challenge. It seems that mainstream does not embrace these relationships the … Continue reading The Arrangement

When Will Your Heartbreak Stop?

Do you know what heartbreak feels like? Have you experienced pain in your heart so strong, the physical pangs make it difficult for you to breathe? Unimaginable torture, residual effect from severed ties. Love is grand. It makes us feel like astronauts as we walk along the earth wrapped up in the emotion. Placing your … Continue reading When Will Your Heartbreak Stop?

She Wants Marriage, He Doesn’t! Now What?

It's no secret - relationships aren't easy. Love's playground can sometimes deliver rough terrain. Ensuing an obstacle course that includes a match of tug of war. Couples must be willing to do the work to reach a reasonable halfway point. Aligning both partners needs, wants and goals is a huge factor in keeping mates together. … Continue reading She Wants Marriage, He Doesn’t! Now What?

Danger Lurking Behind Unconditional Love

Love is one of the most powerful emotions a human being can feel for another. It can make us do the most foolish to spectacularly thoughtful acts in the name of it. We're capable of giving it all including ourselves in the attempt to nourish its growth. Although, sometimes not enough to salvage a relationship … Continue reading Danger Lurking Behind Unconditional Love

Should You Believe in Soulmates?

The collection of books and films selling the soulmate storyline could be in the millions - maybe billion. A soulmate is believed to be someone created especially for you. Connected to you by an inexplicable force that only you understand. You sense you've known him forever but you haven't. It's a symbiotic relationship formed organically … Continue reading Should You Believe in Soulmates?

Does Chivalry Still Have a Pulse?

Romance and erotica novels have a vast female audience between the ages of about 30-54. It's estimated to be the most popular genre generating revenues in the billions. Harlequin Book, anyone? Decades ago, Jackie Collins books sold like hotcakes because the stories had a perfect balance. A love story with the just the right amount of … Continue reading Does Chivalry Still Have a Pulse?

Sex and Relationships

The occasional girls catch-up lunch, drinks, or spa day conversation can be an eye opener. Girl-chat is often uncensored and covers a wide spectrum of topics. It enlightens me on the various ways couples disagree relationship when it comes to matters in the bedroom. Decades ago marriages were mainstream. The model was usually a carbon … Continue reading Sex and Relationships