18 Days Until the Big Reveal!

A reveal is exciting, mysterious and fun! In 18 days, an unveiling will begin. If you recall the feeling of anticipation from an upcoming birthday, special holiday, vacation, or date you've looked forward to then you can relate to the emotions in play. Most of us have experienced something similar during our lifetime. It can … Continue reading 18 Days Until the Big Reveal!

Magazine is Out!

We all hope for that one moment when we feel our efforts are paying off. Closing in on dreams or goals you’ve worked so hard for.... then it happens! The message of woman empowerment begins to sprout all over the world. Today, the UNCHAIN magazine featured an article on AW and book, ”A Journey to … Continue reading Magazine is Out!

2-Steps to Digging Your Relationship Out of a Rut

Relationships have peaks and valleys as unique as the parties joined by such strong emotion. Phases of intoxicating love and devotion to irritable tolerance. Years or decades, assimilating to create a relationship that offers ideal stability. It’s a catch-22 to want the excitement of young love while working to build the security of a long … Continue reading 2-Steps to Digging Your Relationship Out of a Rut

Crashing Into Love

"Time together creates a nest of sorts, bonding a couple into a tightly knit fabric. The intimacy created will mesh two worlds in ways that far exceed explanation. Whether performed out of love or habit, the act of lovemaking is a collection of beautiful, forceful and intense movements that deliver the most complicated of dances. … Continue reading Crashing Into Love

Uncovering an Emotional or Physical Affair

The boundaries for cheating have been extended for modern society. Decades ago, being unfaithful was restricted to a physical act, whereas today there are close to a dozen ways to blur the lines of infidelity. Technology has significantly changed perspective of what it means to cheat. This widened definition of what constitutes cheating has added … Continue reading Uncovering an Emotional or Physical Affair

Can You Have the Best of Both Worlds in this Relationship?

During the initial stages of love, we want to spend every moment with the object of our affection. The intoxication of love overwhelms the senses. Calls, texts, and numerous dates leave us looking forward to that next time. The banter and fireworks can last months or years. Once the first stages pass, the couple’s comfort … Continue reading Can You Have the Best of Both Worlds in this Relationship?

The Beast

There are women all over the globe walking among the crowds, physically and emotionally battered. Bruises meticulously covered to ensure no one can see through to their pain. The secret is safe, long as the black and blues stay below the shoulders.  Aggression that can happen to any woman because it crosses cultural, educational, financial and … Continue reading The Beast

El Porque Unirte a la Comunidad Global de AW

Dicen que toma un pueblo para criar una familia. Lo mismo es cierto para formar una comunidad fuerte. Los lazos que unen la comunidad de Awakened-Woman son las experiencias que compartimos al ser mujer. Los golpes que nos da la vida durante nuestra jornada no son exclusivos. Todos tenemos nuestros demonios que combatir. La variedad … Continue reading El Porque Unirte a la Comunidad Global de AW

Sera Posible Que A Veces Ignoramos las Señales Tempranas Que Trae el Abuso Verbal?

Su nombre es Sandra. Este fue el nombre que le di esta mañana. Ella es de estatura mediana, ojos color de café con cabello castaño, el cual tenía en cola de caballo. Estaba vestida con una falda negra y camisa de color marfil. Pero no fue su físico que llamo mi atención. Su rostro era … Continue reading Sera Posible Que A Veces Ignoramos las Señales Tempranas Que Trae el Abuso Verbal?

Pobre De Alma

Los seres humanos tenemos el espiritu de boxeadores peleando batallas desde que nacimos. Hay personas que por naturaleza son luchadoras y reflejan alma limpia. Has conocido alguna vez alguien parecido? Tienes tu, una alma pura? Las caracteristicas de estos lindos seres son muy notable. Tienden ser seres generosos de corazon. Hacen obras altruisticas sin buscar … Continue reading Pobre De Alma