I Don’t Love You Anymore

Everything seemed fine at last week’s wedding celebration. Just a few weeks ago, things were moving along. Everything was status quo. What happened next was unforeseen. In fact, it felt like a surprise punch to the gut. It came at such force it let the air out of the lungs. Once in a while, we … Continue reading I Don’t Love You Anymore

How to Make Time Count Instead of Wasting It

The value of time is greater than that of money. We can always make more money. Time cannot be multiplied or made back. Once it's gone, you will never see again. Are you in a job you don't like? Does the relationship you are in make you miserable? Do the people you have in your … Continue reading How to Make Time Count Instead of Wasting It

Have You Lost Your Identity in a Relationship or Motherhood?

"Reclaiming my identity required I reboot. I wasn’t sure where to begin the process. But I knew the journey to my best self would include a set of questions and tasks to help untangle the mess I made of myself. I began with these 4 basic but essential steps setting the blocks for my rebuilding. It … Continue reading Have You Lost Your Identity in a Relationship or Motherhood?

Let Pain Transform You

Once you arrive at a page in your book where you embrace difficult times that transpired in life, you begin to gain clarity. It’s essential to accept the pain and let it transform you. If you set it free instead of holding it hostage you can begin healing; guiding you out of negativity. --Excerpt from … Continue reading Let Pain Transform You

Crashing Into Love

"Time together creates a nest of sorts, bonding a couple into a tightly knit fabric. The intimacy created will mesh two worlds in ways that far exceed explanation. Whether performed out of love or habit, the act of lovemaking is a collection of beautiful, forceful and intense movements that deliver the most complicated of dances. … Continue reading Crashing Into Love

Girl, You Got This!

People are good at finding wrongs. We can think of a dozen reasons to convince ourselves not to do something, especially when it means putting our needs first or taking a risk. Women are particularly hard on themselves, after all, our job is to take care of everyone. Caregivers, nurtures and pillars of families. People … Continue reading Girl, You Got This!

Learn to Cope with Rejection Instead of Fearing It

Have you talked yourself out of trying something new for fear of failure? Does the idea of giving up cross your mind to avoid being turned down? I don't know many people not fearful of rejection but it's crucial to attack the fear monger within. Rejection is a big issue for both men and women. … Continue reading Learn to Cope with Rejection Instead of Fearing It

Learning the Value in Making Mistakes

If you were given a choice: A. Keep your life as is, with all those things you consider mistakes. B. Go back in time to erase your mistakes? Which would you choose? Before you answer, consider what would be missing from present life, were it not for those so-called mistakes? Would you still give the … Continue reading Learning the Value in Making Mistakes

A Woman’s Pattern – Are You Condemned to Repeat? 3 Ways to Help Stop the Cycle

Life offers countless lessons that often make us uncomfortable. Discomfort arises when we grow out of a well-known zone into unknown territory. No matter how many times one goes through the cycle, it doesn't get easier. There is usually some sort of pain or loss involved that is difficult to accept. I'm of the belief … Continue reading A Woman’s Pattern – Are You Condemned to Repeat? 3 Ways to Help Stop the Cycle

Women’s Wonder Wheel

Women endure their share of pain. Fighting for a place in history to prove themselves capable of more than the roles imposed by society. The gender is expected to work twice as hard to access the same opportunities men have in many areas of life. We're constantly looking for ways to show our value. Although, … Continue reading Women’s Wonder Wheel