Pobre De Alma

Los seres humanos tenemos el espiritu de boxeadores peleando batallas desde que nacimos. Hay personas que por naturaleza son luchadoras y reflejan alma limpia. Has conocido alguna vez alguien parecido? Tienes tu, una alma pura? Las caracteristicas de estos lindos seres son muy notable. Tienden ser seres generosos de corazon. Hacen obras altruisticas sin buscar... Continue Reading →


"When A Woman is Silent, Listen To Her Very Carefully" - Unknown Women are taught at an early age about all the things a lady should never say. We’re bombarded by society with the underlying message that a man’s voice is louder than ours.  When she stands up to raise her voice against unfairness of... Continue Reading →

Life’s Whispers…

Have you ever stopped to listen? Has the nagging within burned a hole in your ear? Heightening anxiety as the sound gets progressively louder. Eventually, pounding on your life when ignoring its repeated thumps. Are you familiar with life's whispers? Recently, I watched a video that sparked my curiosity. In it, Oprah asked "What are... Continue Reading →

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