Don’t Stop Giving Thanks on Any Day

On Thanksgiving day, we'll sit around an oven roasted, well-dressed turkey. Some of us will pass the wine, while others pass the gravy. Visiting friends and family from all parts of the globe join the table. It's a tradition in North America to celebrate the Pilgrim feast with the Indians. A holiday favorite. It has... Continue Reading →

Is It OK to Date Your Friend’s Ex?

We're territorial with our loved ones. Instinct lashes out at anyone who might threaten to take what is "ours." Whether man or woman in the story. Love gives us the courage to protect those things we hold dear. But what happens when the person you are being possessive about is no longer in the partnership?... Continue Reading →

A Woman’s Daily Balancing Act

It's a daily juggling act for many women. Managing their roles as mom, wife or partner, friend, daughter, sister and career professional. Now, is it possible not to drop the ball once in a while with everything that happens in life? To the contrary, a ball or two on the floor is expected! Each day,... Continue Reading →

Grateful for My Exes

The latest track from Ariana Grande, "Thank u, Next" is blowing up the charts. The song describes the artist's realization of how her ex loves have all taught her something. Each lesson is part of her romantic trajectory. Learning love, patience and pain but at the end of it she connected the dots. Each relationship... Continue Reading →

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