The 5 Questions Most Women Want Answered

The popular saying “curiosity killed the cat” doesn’t apply to women. We want to know the why’s, especially in relationships. The questions run rampant and it drives us a bit crazy when we don’t understand our men. Questions will vary widely among women, societies and situations. But there are a handful of questions that many... Continue Reading →

Stepping Out of the Insecurity Closet

A good majority of the population suffers from lack of self-confidence. Our views on what represents beauty and success in our society is quite distorted. So much, it perpetuates the pressure to match up to an ideal that doesn’t exist. Undoubtedly, this can create or add to insecurities we may have about ourselves. Many having... Continue Reading →

His Biggest Gift

Another workday had ended, most folks had gone home. I preferred to stay behind to complete travel logistics for an upcoming conference. Being home offered too much time alone to think. A stressful week at the office without hopes of stopping required auxiliary. Drowning in paperwork was one way to numb myself from the pain... Continue Reading →

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