Amazing News!

The journey as an author has given me a chance to connect with some amazing women. Working with BELatina News provides an opportunity to write articles that take me out of my comfort zone, inspiring me as a professional and a woman. In this week's article, I interviewed Summer-Joy "SJ" Main Munoz, a 2nd generation Latina … Continue reading Amazing News!

Have You Listened to “Conversations with Jen”?

Jennifer Barreto-Leyva is the Editor-in-Chief of Belleza XL magazine and host of Conversaciones con Jen Podcast. The successful lawyer and journalist crushed the stereotypes many of us have become accustomed to seeing when she broke barriers as a Plus Size top model. Jennifer is based in Caracas, Venezuela, the first Latina Plus Model has been … Continue reading Have You Listened to “Conversations with Jen”?

The Story of My Latino Christmas on BELatina

Latinos are recognized for their zest of life. Best known to be invigorated people that take life by storm, it is no wonder our energy is infectious. We are as passionate about our politics, music, and life as we are about loved ones. Try to imagine a community taking great enjoyment in their traditions of … Continue reading The Story of My Latino Christmas on BELatina

The Female Entrepreneurs Network Featured AW!

The work never stops as we look to materialize the dream. Cultivating relationships, pursuing opportunities, and knocking on doors that may open a window that will bring us closer to our goals.  Many women wake up each day with a desire to take a seat at the table or get recognition for their efforts at … Continue reading The Female Entrepreneurs Network Featured AW!

Number Ninjas on BeLatina

”Own who you are - that is real power” - AW Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Rita Moreno, and Raquel Welch just to name a few. Latinas on fire after the age of 50. Is labeling a woman by age, a thing of the past? These women and many others are breaking barriers. Read my latest … Continue reading Number Ninjas on BeLatina

El Porque Unirte a la Comunidad Global de AW

Dicen que toma un pueblo para criar una familia. Lo mismo es cierto para formar una comunidad fuerte. Los lazos que unen la comunidad de Awakened-Woman son las experiencias que compartimos al ser mujer. Los golpes que nos da la vida durante nuestra jornada no son exclusivos. Todos tenemos nuestros demonios que combatir. La variedad … Continue reading El Porque Unirte a la Comunidad Global de AW

Do We Become Our Mothers as We Get Older?

A new school year begins this week. We watch our children start a new phase of their education. While some just begin their journey, others look forward to the culmination of young adulthood. It's a beautiful, yet nostalgic time because we have to slowly let go of our little ones. Raising them is challenging but … Continue reading Do We Become Our Mothers as We Get Older?

What Are You Grateful for In Your Life?

We often find ourselves worrying about the things in life we are without. It takes attention away from the blessings we've been granted. I'm guilty as charged of the same transgression. Although, I try to practice gratitude its constant work. For myself, very much a conscious effort. An act that requires repetition and acknowledgment. I'm grateful … Continue reading What Are You Grateful for In Your Life?

Do You Feel Beautiful?

We are born into the world free of bias. There are no insecurities, false pretenses or labels. Love is received for the simple reason of being. Have you heard it say that all babies are beautiful? They are, soon as they are birthed a spotlight of light, affection and admiration is bestowed upon them. Life's … Continue reading Do You Feel Beautiful?

“The Grape”

The MeToo movement was created to provide support for survivors of sexual violence. The group began to help young minorities living in economically disadvantaged communities deal with this traumatic event. The world took greater notice to the movement about a year ago. Celebrity voices stepped up to speak against the abuse of power being used … Continue reading “The Grape”