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Yvette Bodden

As the founder and sole author behind Awakened-Woman, a digital platform designed to inspire and invigorate females, author, Yvette Bodden writes with endless empathy. In just two years, AW has amassed tens of thousands of followers across social media platforms, thanks to a dynamic collection of combined 500+ articles centered around celebrity profiles, relationships, love, abuse, motherhood, and Latino culture, infused with a signature blend of Yvette’s pragmatism and compassion. In 2021, she was named one of the “Bella Bosses We Admire” by Bella Magazine.

About Me

Founder, Author, Writer, Podcast Host, Entrepreneur,  Inspirational Speaker, Empowerment Mentor, and Mother

In 2022, Yvette appeared as an Insider Guest on Oprah Daily’s Life Class.

In 2021, Bella Magazine named her one of their “Bella Bosses We Admire” and Authority Magazine included her on the Editor’s List: Top Interviews.  In the same year, she participated in the Press Roundtable with Ava Duvernay for the NBC docuseries, “Home Sweet Home. For more on Ms. Duvernay’s responses during the interview, read the full story.

Her words have been seen in  Brainz Magazine, The Best Holistic Life MagazineThrive Global, media maven Arianna Huffington’s portal dedicated to ending the global stress and burnout epidemic, and Belatina News, where she profiled celebrities such as Camila Sodi, the actress from Telemundo’s monster hit, Falsa IdentidadNathalie Kelley, the actress from ABC’s The Baker and the Beauty, Latin Grammy Award-winner Luis Fonsi and television actor, Joe Minoso.

Yvette has interviewed amazing women for the AW Empowerment Series.  The guest list includes Jaina Lee Ortiz, Actress, ABC’s Station 19, FOX’s Rosewood, Lionsgate Film “Righteous Thieves;Sasha Merci, Comedian and Actress, Righteous Thieves, De Lo Mio and Fuse Channel’s Share, Like, Dimelo; Karen Swensen, Emmy-Award Winning Journalist & Founder of Life’s About Change; Eilyn Jimenez, star of Netflix Designing Miami; Bevy Smith, a TV&Radio Personality, Co-Host, of Bravo’s Fashion Queens, Erin Lim, E! The Rundown and DailyPop; Joelle Garguilo, NBC Journalist from New York Live and Today Show; Andrea Navedo, Actress, A Million Little Things, Jane the Virgin; Grasie Mercedes, Actress, Filmmaker, Writer, NBC’s Grand Crew; Shantall Lacayo, Fashion Designer and Winner of  Bravo’s S19 Project Runway, Alycia Pascual-Pena from Saved by the Bell and Maureen Bharoocha, Director, Jimmy Kimel Live!; Aida Rodriguez, Comedian from HBO MAX Special: Fighting Words, Barbara de Regil, Rosario Tijeras, Parientes a La Fuerza and BlackoutCarolina Miranda, Netflix series, Who Killed Sara; Eileen Davidson, Real Housewives Beverly Hills and Days of Our Lives; Laura Londoño, Actress from Netflix series, Narcos and Telemundo Cafe con Aroma de Mujer; Lilliana Vazquez, E! Entertainment; Jolene Rodriguez, President, Broken English Productions; Jeimy Osorio, Actress & Singer from Celia, One Day at a Time, Fast Five; Novi Brown, Actress from Tyler Perry’s Sistas; Nathalie Kelley, Actress from Dynasty; Lisa Vidal, Actress from Grey’s AnatomyThe Baker and the Beauty and BET’s Being Mary Jane; Nikki Boyer, Actress, 3-Time Emmy winning Media Personality and Host, Dying for Sex Podcast; Christina Vidal Mitchell; Actress, ABC’s United We Fall; Melissa Bernstein, Co-Founder, and Chief Creative Officer, Melissa & Doug; Amelia Moran Ceja, President, Ceja Vineyards; Kara Goldin, CEO and Founder; Hint Water & Author, WSJ Bestseller Undaunted; Alexandra Garcia, Google; Shayla Rivera, former NASA Rocket Scientist, and Comedian; Julissa Prado, CEO, Rizos Curls; Vanessa Coppes, CEO, Bella Magazine, and Lois Robbins, Actress from TV Land’s hit show, Younger.

Most recently, she added the AW Confidential Podcast to the platform. As host, the writer talks to men and women. Sharing perspectives on topics like empowerment, love, relationships, mental health, and other subject matter, while also discussing life lessons with listeners.

Among the guests is Nelson Ascencio from “The Hunger Games” and MAX’s “White House Plumbers”

Jesus Castro from the international hit by Telemundo, streaming on Netflix, “Diary of a Gigolo.”

Adrian Hernandez (Ugly Primo), Founder and Creative Director of Need Pastel. The artist who created the cover art for Bad Bunny’s “Un Verano Sin Ti” which has become one of the most recognized albums in the world. 

Nicholas Gonzalez from “The Good Doctor,” “Pretty Little Liars,” “How to Get Away with Murder,”  “The Flash,” “Being Mary Jane” and “La Brea.”

Jon Seda from the film “Selena” and NBC’s “La Brea” and “Chicago P.D.”

Jay Barnett, Author, Speaker, Mental Health Therapist, and Former NFL Football Player, 

Kamal Bolden, Actor from NBC’s “The Endgame” and FOX’s “The Resident.”

Jordan Johnson-Hinds from “Suits,” “Nurses” and “The Endgame.

Kevin Walton, Actor, Tyler Perry’s  hit series “Sistas” and film “Step Up Revolution.”

Kevin Grimes, Actor, CW’s All-American.

Liz Kennedy, On-Air TV Personality and Beauty Expert.  

Ron G, Emmy-Award Winner, Comedian, Actor, HBO’s “Insecure.” 

Nikki Boyer, Emmy-Award Winning Television Personality, and Host of Dying for Sex Podcast.  

Kevin Savage, Actor, The Quad, HBO’s Lovecraft Country.

The podcast can be found on Spotify, Apple, Anchor, Amazon Music, and other platforms. 

Her debut bookA Journey to Becoming the Best Self (Black Rose Writing)—part memoir and part self-help, inspired by Yvette’s post-divorce path from devastation to joy—was published in 2019, and received praise from The U.S. Review of Books. 

As a single mother based in New York City—a metropolis she credits for her open mind—Yvette regularly channels her own growth experiences. She has contributed to outlets like SmartCoparent and DivorceHub, authoring articles that focus on maintaining financial health through personal crises.

Ultimately, Yvette’s writing, which seeks to empower and encourage women searching for personalized definitions of success, is an effort to build strong communities through vulnerable and powerful storytelling.

More details are included in Media Kit.

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Clubhouse: @womanawakened

For Press:

Former Writer, BeLatina News from 2019 – 2021.

Former WriterThriving Women with Yvette Bodden for The Best Holistic Life Magazine

Published AuthorA Journey to Becoming the Best Self by Black Rose Writing. Published July 2019

April – Sept 2020: Celebrity Profiles Interviews for BELatina News

Profile Interview with Actress, Camila Sodi, Telemundo’s “Falsa Identidad for BELatina News

Profile Interview with Actress, Nathalie Kelley, who plays Noa Hamilton in ABC’s “The Baker and the Beauty” for BeLatina News

Profile Interview with Reina del Sur, Actress, Isabella Sierra for BELatina News

Profile Interview with Raquel Castro: Actress, Singer, and Songwriter for BELatina News

Profile Interview with multiple Grammy Winner, Luis Fonsi for BELatina News

Profile Interview with Chicago Fire, Actor, Joe Minoso for BELatina News

Profile Interview with Director, SJ Main Munoz for BELatina News

Podcast Guest, Magazine Features, and Speaker

AW Guest, She’s a 10 Times 5 Podcast

AW Founder’s Story featured in Medium

AW Guest, Fabulous Entrepreneurship

AW Guest, The Divorce Social

AW featured in The Industry Leaders 

AW Guest, How to Talk to Mami & Papi about Anything Podcast

AW Guest, Girl Talk Y Mas Podcast

AW Founder was featured in Exeleon Magazine’s list of Influential Women Leaders of 2022, P44.

AW Guest on Life Her Podcast discussed relationships, successful co-parenting, divorce, and the book, A Journey to Becoming the Best Self

AW’s article published in Crucible Leadership, “Your Worst Moment Does Not Have to Define You.”

AW Guest on the Crucible Leadership Podcast discussed the significance of her second act.

AW Guest on Mujeron Podcast discussed becoming her best self

AW Guest on Happy Even After discusses divorce and the journey to self-love.

AW Guest on UK’s  The Table Read discussed the journey to a happy divorce.

AW Guest on Salon Chronicles

AW Guest on Jolt of Energy

AW Guest on Q Chat Podcast

AW Guest on Pocha Podcast

AW Guest on the Good Nook Podcast discussed redefining yourself, financial power, owning your truth, and taking calculated risks.

AW Guest on the Pocha Podcast discussed self-worth, sharing your truth, the journey to becoming an awakened woman and what it means, the AW book, and many more important topics.

AW Guest on Hey Sista Soul Sista podcast discussed AW’s platform and book, life after divorce, inspiring through storytelling. The episode can also be seen on Hey Sister Soul Sister’s YouTube channel.

AW Guest on Simply She Podcast discussed overcoming darkness, dating, life, and love after a breakup or divorce.

AW featured in Billion SuccessHow a Loss, Awakened Entrepreneur, Yvette Bodden”

AW Guest on the Empowered Worth podcast, discussed topics about self-worth, finding self, women empowering women, co-parenting, divorce, depression, and much more.

AW appeared in Authority Magazine‘s Editor’s List: Top Interviews.

AW Guest on Coffee N.5 with Lara Schmoisman discussed managing conflicting labels and cultures to the reality of embracing human experiences, differences in writing for English vs. Spanish-speaking audiences, and all of the nuances in between. Interview, also on YouTube.

AW featured in Latinas in Business 

AW Guest on Divorce Talk with Twyla with Coach, Twyla discussed pain to purpose.

AW featured in Humans of Fuzia 

AW Guest on Your Daily Writing Habit with Christine Whitmarsh discussed writing habits, challenges as a writer, writing to help others, and more. The podcast can be found on iHeartRADIO, Apple Podcasts, Podbean, and Sticher

AW Guest on Empowerography Podcast with Brad Walsh discussed empowerment, family, and life as an awakened woman.

AW Guest on Empowering Voices with Mara Girone discussed self-love, self-worth, and embracing the pain. The interview can also be found on YouTube.

AW Guest on LATIN EQUIS Podcast with Andrea Marquez discussed writing the book, creating a platform, love, marriage, divorce, Latino culture, women’s role in the Latino household and so much more! Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

AW Guest on Spark a Soul Podcast with Joisyline discussed embracing pain and transforming it into greatness. Listen on Spotify or watch the episode on YouTube

AW Guest on #BeFlawsome: The Good Enough Podcast with Anita Kirkbride to discuss social media and perfectionism.

AW Speaker – Panelist, Unstoppable Summit, Conquering the Dips in Your Life

AW featured in Thrive Global’s “It’s OK to Ask for Help”

AW featured in Newsbreak

AW featured in Medium

AW featured in Authority Magazine “Second Chapters; How I Reinvented Myself In the Second Chapter of My Life,” May 2021

AW Speaker – Panelist, Survival Secrets, and Tips from Single Moms, Amplifying Her Voice “In Moms We Trust” Summit, May 2021.

AW Speaker – Panelist at Women of Influence, Women’s Empowerment Event hosted by Bella Magazine, April 2021.

AW Guest on Becoming Your Best Version Podcast with Host, Maria Olsen, Attorney, Author, and Co-Host, of the “Inside Out” show on WPFW-FM radio

AW Guest on the Strong Talk Podcast to discuss AW’s stories, life after divorce, and a new book. The podcast episode is now available on iHeart, Apple, Spotify, Google, and Sticher platforms.

AW Interview on This Is It TV

AW is a Guest Writer, for Brainz Magazine,How to Step into Your Power Without the Guilt

AW NamedBella Bosses We Admire” by Bella MagazineMarch/April 2021 issue

AW Guest, Knowledge to Inspire Podcast with Lorrine Patterson and Tiffani Patlan

AW featured, Yvette Bodden’s Exhibit on Let Her Speak highlights the AW Empowerment Series

AW Speaker at the HerStory Online Summit, “How I Conquered the Dip and Became an Awakened-Woman.”

AW Quoted in Crunchy Tales articleDivorce after 50, How I Moved on with My Life” 

AW Interview,  M4 Women’s Magazine. watch as they discuss how to deal with and awaken from a painful divorce.

AW Guest on The City Confessions Podcast Host, Maryann Yip asks questions about divorce, depression, dating yourself, NYC’s current state, published, and the birth of AW. Episode 94 on Spotify.

AW Interview with Johanna LoPorto, Founder of Latina Voice about the struggles encountered on the journey to becoming the best self.

AW Guest on “Let’s Talk with Juanita Corry Jackson” discussed the challenges of living in your true self.

AW Guest on “The Self Project Podcast” Host, Kristy Martin and Yvette Bodden touch on difficult topics in this revealing episode. The episode is available on Spotify, Apple, Podbean, and Google.

AW Guest Interview on Just a Little More Joy. The vibrant episode with host, Kyle Leder Moss discusses embracing truths, owning our stories, and self-love and gratitude.

AW Guest on Becoming Alpha on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. The powerful episode, where we discuss the AW journey, relationships, self-worth, becoming the best version of yourself, and more!

AW Guest on PINK Lifestyle Show can be seen on YouTube. The episode can also be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and others

AW Guest on Oh My Health, There is Hope Podcast, interview with Jana Short can also be seen on YouTube

AW Featured Writer in The Best Holistic Life Magazine‘s Fall and Winter 2020 Issue

AW was featured in Magistra Magazine, Summer Issue, 2020.

AW Guest on the podcast, Made to Dream

AW Guest on the podcast, Last First Date Radio with Sandy Weiner on SpotifyAnchor. You can also read the interview transcript at the Last First Date. Video playback is available on YouTube.

AW Guest on the podcast, The Judge Free Zone

AW Guest on Instagram Live, Latinaboomermom

AW Guest on the podcast, Convo with Kisha

AW Guest on FEMnation Podcast discussed the journey, self-love, relationships, and many other topics with host, Whitedove Gannon.

3-time Emmy Award Winner, Television Host, Actress, and Podcast Co-Creator/Host, Nikki Boyer from the popular podcast, Dying for Sex has graciously given AW her thoughts on her new podcast and why all women should be listening. Read the full article on AW.

AW Guest on Wine & Chisme Podcast, Jessica Yanez Perez hosted the wine-filled gossip session. Listen to the full podcast interview!

AW Guest on Conversaciones con Jen. A podcast hosted by Jennifer Barreto-Leyva, Lawyer and Journalist based in Caracas, Venezuela. 

ROAR Fierce Feminine Rising magazine published the Awakened-Woman‘s story, “The Mirror Shattered into a Million Lies”

The Passionistas Project hosted an AW guest blog.

The Art is Alive Magazine has published an interview with AW.

AW featured, The Weekly Trend  “Meet the Awakened Woman.”

Guest Blogger, Best Holistic Life. Read my newest article on ways you can develop your woman’s intuition.

AW was featured in The Female Entrepreneurs Network

AW Interview on Writers Corner Live TV Show! Discuss the AW bookblog, work as a content writer for BeLatina and upcoming projects including a new book!

A Journey to Becoming Your Best Self” showcased at La Femmes Artiste Exhibition in Montclair, CA.

The US Review has recommended “Journey to Becoming the Best Self” Read the review here.

Check Out! BeLatina for Archive of featured articles.

Sublime Book Review: Be the first to read reviews. Close to a 5-Star Rating!

A Journey to Becoming the Best Self available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Black Rose Writing, published July 2019.

AW’s book, “A Journey to Becoming the Best Self” is featured in Unchain Soul Sister Universe Magazine 

AW was featured in Women on Topp Magazine. Check out the interview ”Inside the Story of a Freelance Writer

AW Guest spot on Maria Krause’s Unchain your inner strength” podcast interview covered the journey of AW and its book release. Playback can be found on SpotifyiTunes, and Podbean.

AW was interviewed by The Weekly Trends  “Meet the Awakened Woman.”

AW Guest Blogger, Best Holistic Life. Read the newest article on ways you can develop your woman’s intuition.

AW Guest Blogger, Best Holistic Life, a wonderful opportunity to write for a great platform. Check out my suggestions for getting out of a rut.

AW was featured in Unchain Magazine.

AW Guest Interview, Unchain your Inner Strength Podcast found on iTunesPodbean, and Spotify

AW Guest, I’ve Got Your Number Online Blog Radio Show

AW Past Contributor for Thrive Global Digital Magazine

AW Past Contributor for Smartcoparent

Articles published by Smartcoparent

3 Must-Haves for Successful Co-Parenting

3 Steps to Better Manage Finances Post-Divorce

3 Ways to Avoid a Financial Tsunami in a Divorce

AW Past Contributor,