“I’m Sorry”

He cheated. You were not speaking to him after an argument you had which made him think the relationship was over. He hit or mistreated you but didn’t mean it. He lied but you never asked questions. It was fib … Continue reading “I’m Sorry”

Do Not Wait – Call for Appointment Today

A sterile, white and quiet room filled with mild trepidation and anxiety. Paintings on the walls adding brightness while waiting for your fate to be read to you. The silence is deafening as you sit in the waiting room. Time … Continue reading Do Not Wait – Call for Appointment Today

The Arrangement

Modern couples make all types of arrangements nowadays to accommodate lifestyles. Men and women commit but live in separate residences or split time between domiciles. They choose alternate living situations to fit schedules, careers, finances or preferences. Many of the … Continue reading The Arrangement

Happy Birthday!

New Year’s Eve and birthdays are two of the most eventful days on our calendars. They are so significant that we often use the dates for reflection. Taking inventory of accomplishments, goals, failures and everything we have done up to … Continue reading Happy Birthday!