It’s Not You – It’s Me!

Women everywhere have been burned by these words. Right before he walks out on the relationship you've tried so hard to keep together. A relationship that has become an arts & crafts project. Why? Simple, you've been the one finding creative ways to keep him happy. So, how is it that he turns to you... Continue Reading →

She Has It All! Or Does She Really?

From New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Columbia and all corners of the globe. She's got the look, style, bank account, job, home and partner. From afar, it would appear she's got it together! Everything she wanted to accomplish is checked off her list. We pass dozens... Continue Reading →

Tis the Season 2018

The holiday season is upon us. It’s that time of year men and women everywhere, all ages, reflect about life up to now. We pause to ponder wins, hardship and think about how lucky we are to have people in our lives to remind us of what's truly important. The year 2018 has brought me... Continue Reading →

What‘s Your EQ?

Have you ever met someone who displays incredible intelligence but has a difficult time connecting with others' emotions? Or worse doesn't acknowledge their own feelings? Unsuccessfully managing own behavior, communication and social skills? It's probably that one person in your life who seems aloof and uninterested about how you feel. Demonstrating an inability to manage... Continue Reading →

Are We All Broken?

"Have an encounter inside your own story. That’s where the holy ground is, same place you find the burning bush. Burning away things that aren’t true." --William Paul Young The learning begins as soon as we are in the womb, as does trauma. There are plenty of people who grow up to be well-adjusted. By... Continue Reading →

How to Write Our Own Rules

Women seem to spend a great deal of time following rules. Society sets guidelines and for the most part we follow. Men are more likely to be encouraged to break the rules. They will do it many times over to maximize their potential. Fortunately, over the past decade more women are claiming their power. They... Continue Reading →

How Long Do You Wait?

This time of year seems to be sprinkled with fairy dust! Holiday wishes are in the air. You might not be a romantic or even really like the holidays. But somehow for many single women the fantasy of a magical Christmas proposal tugs at their hearts. Is it possible that deep down some of us... Continue Reading →

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Everyone has lied about something at one time or other. Men and women alike sometimes tell tales to get out of a compromising situation, avoid getting caught in a mess or save someone from hurt and embarrassment. Regardless of how it's rationalized, lying is a tool we use as a means for survival in a... Continue Reading →

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