A Journey to Becoming the Best Self


Women from all walks of life can relate to this story.

“A Journey to Becoming the Best Self,” tells the tale of how a woman falls in love with her husband and child. While she was experiencing this amazingly powerful love, she was also losing pieces of her identity. The marriage swallowed her up so much that it left her in a place where she felt she had to choose herself or the relationship.  Not an easy decision to make for anyone. Her journey began at the crossroad between hope and despair. A place she never thought she would be. Hoping to save her relationship but in terrible fear the loss of it was imminent.

Emotions behind heartbreak, financial hardship, co-parenting, hopelessness can be felt by every human being. The insecurities and imperfections we carry are common among women in society. We share a common thread.  I share my story as a friend of the reader trying to connect. I have been where you are, too. I’m ready to open up my life empowering others to accept their truths as they seek the best self. The beauty in our cracks is what makes each of us unique. I came out on the other side of pain, you can too.

Part memoir, part prescriptive nonfiction, A Journey to Becoming the Best Self combines personal narrative and practical advice to show how it is possible to find a place of acceptance and joy after losing a marriage. The word “divorce” itself has a negative connotation, and rightly so. It can be one of the most painful life-changing events in anyone’s life. An emotionally crippling event for many women, initially it was nothing less than devastating for me. However, it has been the most significant growth experienced in my life. This is the story of how a woman comes out on the other side of pain much stronger and more beautiful.

This is one journey, a single voice among millions of women. Let’s empower, encourage and inspire each other a story at a time.

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