The 3 Most Important Things to Do This Holiday Season

Beautifully decorated trees, incessant shopping for the perfect gifts, family and friends gathering for good food and drinks. Moments of joy and laughter while celebrating the yuletide. The holiday season is in full swing with end of a decade approaching.

Each year we look forward to the joyous celebrations of the season. This time around, I decided there should be more than the superficial. Significant changes this past year have cultivated unforeseen personal growth, leading me to understand what is truly important.

This year loved ones have passed while others moved on to different pastures disconnecting from my life in a similar, yet less final way. New connections have replaced those voids showing me it is never too late to welcome good people into our lives.

Being a mom is an amazing gift. As my offspring moves into adulthood and mother gets older over next few years, it’ becomes clearer that time does not stop. I am learning to cherish moments spent with loved ones, it is certainly making me more grateful.

As we take off from work to indulge in festivities, let’s take a pause. Be thankful for the real presents.

1. Stay Grateful: Keep the thought in the forefront, not only during the holiday but always.

2. Giving over Receiving : Giving can be more rewarding than receiving. It is also a great way to appreciate the season. Make an effort to give back in some manner, wherever possible. Our heart is fuller when good deeds are satisfied.

3. Plan at least one goal for next year that will improve life in some way.

Celebrate the moments, people and blessing during this magical season.

Happy Holidays New York or wherever you are – to you and your family.

Protected content. 2019

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