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Awakened Woman Global Community (AW)  & Chicas de La Comunidad Global de AW:

Staying empowered means doing the work to stay strong and confident. Taking charge of our lives is crucial to personal development. One of the ways to achieve goals is to read, connect and share. Repeat! We can start the process by opening ourselves to  the world around us. The key to praise and encouraging one another is to celebrate. The AW Global Community honors our fellow women’s  accomplishments.

I hope you will check out the AW community page, now and then to hear about News, Events and Updates.

  • Monday, October 22, 2018 at 7:00 pm EST: I’ve Got Your Number Online Radio Show is hosting Awakened-Women for real talk. You’ll get to hear me get a bit more personal. Whether you’re there to comment (Push #1) or listen. I hope you stop by for the hour.

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