3 Reasons to Schedule Alone Time

Introverts use time alone to re-energize. They require it to thrive otherwise they become drained from the noise and distractions of the world. While these types of individuals enjoy the quiet moments to regroup. Others don’t seek the solitude preferring to be around people. Extroverts create situations that will give them any excuse to socialize and remain talkative. They’re the ones we refer to as social butterflies. No matter which of the two personalities you are its to your advantage to carve some time alone periodically.

We learn more and more about ourselves as we get older. I was married for most of my 30’s. It meant sharing the bulk of time with my husband. Then came baby which barely left space to produce a thought for myself. Me time was a distant memory. However, I was overjoyed with my reality. Spending every waking moment with them made me feel whole. Besides the fulfillment of being a wife and mother was an added benefit. I always thought alone time was overrated. Truth is solitude made me uncomfortable. The idea of being alone with my thoughts was terrifying.

My divorce came after almost a decade of living together. The newly single mom status forced me to learn to be alone. Initially, it felt like torture. I had to get acquainted with myself again. There was plenty of self-work to do. The process encouraged me to see life from a different perspective. Developing an appreciation for the woman I was made me stronger. I don’t think the transformation would have happened without the time solo.

If you’d ask me today about time alone. I’d say, it’s necessary for everyone to have some time to themselves. Regardless, of whether or not in a relationship having time to yourself can help in several ways including:

1. It promotes mental well-being. This time will assist with building endurance. Giving yourself space to sort your thoughts and ideas creates a better you. Many artists and writers highly benefit from alone time using it to ignite the imagination.

2. Alone time offers space to plan. We all know life doesn’t usually turn out as planned but it’s nice to think through next steps of the journey. Designing a layout of future goals and dreams encourages us to pursue them.

3. Last but not least this time is key to learning who we are on our own. When we’re with friends and family our decisions are influenced by their needs. We can easily be swayed to do the things they want to please. When we choose solitude we put ourselves first. We find out who we truly are inside helping us feel comfortable in our own skin.

Everyone should take time to reassemble. The mind is complex and a wonderful tool if sharpened correctly. Schedule dates with yourself just like you would with any of your loved ones.

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