The AW Empowerment Series

AW went live in May, 2018. I have been lucky to communicate with readers all over the globe. Your messages about how these articles have encouraged you to fight for your goals, seek counseling for trauma, or empowered you to ask the tough questions in your lives has made the work incredibly rewarding.

I began the AW community for women in need of support and help, easing the pain of loneliness during their journey of womanhood. I am committed to continue to inspire, empower and encourage women to create the life envisioned. It is never easy to pursue the things we want most, especially knowing that there will be disappointments down the road. We all encounter roadblocks but persistence, drive and determination can beat the challenges on the way to building dreams.

Sharing our stories is part of this journey, as it offers inspiration. Seeing other women thrive can be a source of strength because we see what is possible, if we do the work. Everyone has their own path. Conflict is bound to arise but it’s not unique to us. No matter what you are going through, know that other women are fighting their own battles, too – many in silence. Keep in mind, behind every success their is a story.

I have created the AW Empowerment Series to bring hope to all the women that cannot see past their obstacles. We have the power to create greatness but need to tap into our inner power. Do not take no for an answer or let anyone tell you that you can’t – you can, you will, if you believe it.

The surprise guest interviews that will post to AW are meant to demonstrate the amazing things we are capable of when we don’t give up. Remember, success is not measured by the amount of money or power you possess. It is defined by the person you are, so remain true to yourself because it is the place where you will be happiest.

I hope you enjoy these special features and learn something from each woman, as you climb to the epitome of your own personal happiness and success.

I will look to see your Comments post to AW.

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