3 Major Changes You Must Make if You are Looking to Reinvent Yourself at Any Age

Reinventing yourself from time to time is not uncommon. While many looks for ways to feel younger, others have a deeper desire to express themselves. We change the color of our hair, wardrobe, attitude, job or entire life. The need to try something new takes us on self-exploration we’re not always ready for at certain times in our lives.

The process can be intimidating and difficult to initiate for a number of reasons. The older we are, the more likely we’ll procrastinate to avoid change. Everyone has a comfort zone, routine or way of doing things, so why rock the boat? Shaking the shack while coconuts fall off trees gently onto your head can be valuable. It’s a reminder to wake up! Life is for the living, you can’t allow anything to run you over.

Personal reinvention is not so much about aesthetics. The main idea is to use these moments to reignite the flame within. A reboot often necessary after a major breakup, milestone age, loss or illness. Take time for an inventory of the internal and external world to help figure out what changes are in order for personal development. The journey is continuous, evolution should be too.

So, at what point in life do you realize there’s a need for an adjustment. Unknown. There is no specific time when awakening takes place. But regardless of a woman’s age, it’s never too late for renewal. So, once you arrive at this truth, where do you start the revitalization?

A second divorce did not only shake me. It jolted everything that signified stability in my life. Spending years enamored trying to make others happy had a significant impact on me. I wanted to meet expectations set by everyone except myself. The idea of authenticity and showing vulnerability did not feel normal to me. I felt a need to keep my flaws concealed from my then-husband, as well as, the rest of the world. Perception was everything. It scared me into a shell of the woman I dreamed to be. I lacked courage to be myself. It was not until separation threw me into a tailspin, I began to realize everything was leading to a transformation.

I changed after divorce, it set me on a path for growth. Owning my story with all its mistakes, failures, bad judgment calls was the beginning of a new phase in my journey. Today, I acknowledge this life-changing event gave me more than it took.

There are many ways to reinvent yourself but the keys to any metamorphosis start with three rules.

  1. Let go of what you think you are supposed to be: You’re no cookie cutter woman. The beauty you possess is unique from intelligence to kindness and all things in between – you have many wonderful gifts. Do not resign to anyone else’s idea of who you should be. Your mold is shaped by you – nobody else.
  2. Be Fearless: We’re all afraid of something but should never fear growth. It is important to understand that evolving allows you to blossom. The process offers opportunities to learn. Don’t deny yourself the chance to ”Do better, Be better” as Maya Angelou would say.
  3. Stay true to who you are during personal reinvention: One of the biggest challenges a lot of us have is to be ourselves. We wear masks to numb pain or play imposter fearing rejection. No matter what you are experiencing during this time remain loyal to the woman inside. Hold on to your values, thoughts, and dreams while in search of a new you. It is not necessary to compromise true self to create the best you possible.

Age is a number, not a sentence that bars you from greatness. Reinventing yourself should get you closer to a happier, more genuine you at any age.

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