The #1 Reason We Love Transformations

How do you feel when you wear that go-to lipstick or power outfit? The one that turns you into Superwoman or Supermodel? Do you own a pair of shoes that make you sparkle like “Cinderella?” What feeling do you get when your hair is newly styled in a way you’re just crazy about? Ladies, you know what I’m talking about – can sense the excitement coming from you!

Millions of viewers enjoy TV programming related to transformations. Makeovers of people, physiques, homes, lives, or relationships appeal to audiences everywhere. Audiences indulge in hours of television, Netflix, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube videos looking into a fishbowl engrossed in someone else’s metamorphosis. But why take so much time watching change on a screen? Why not use some of those hours, days, weeks, or months as a spectator to make a shift in your life? Do we love seeing others transform into their best selves more than doing the work ourselves? Can watching another person do the impossible be easier than taking control of our own change? We’ve all been there and probably already know the answer to the question.

When was the last time you had a transformation?

Periodically, I find myself looking for something different – a spark. A change to boost my spirit. Lately, it has been more than a calling for a physical overhaul. The force has pushed me towards something that takes me out of my comfort zone. The exercise has been about challenging myself to do things differently.

There are huge takeaways from this type of practice. A key lesson learned? The most signicant transformation I can make is the internal work. My shine will not be organic or lasting, unless I fix what’s broken on the inside. Regardless, of how many times we modify our appearance, true satisfaction from transformative moments can only happen with genuine self-love and acceptance, first.

It is fun to watch what happens when others make a transformation. It takes bravery to make change of any kind. Seeing someone else’s take a leap is empowering, it inspires us to seek our greatest self. This is the place where we visualize what is possible. There is greatness in all of us but we need to tap into that inner power to let it out. If you are looking for personal evolution but have not found it, yet. Try asking yourself some questions:

What about yourself or in what area of your life do you need the change?

How badly do you want this to take place?

Are you willing and ready to do the work required for true change?

Change does not happen overnight. It is a process, you have to take responsibility for the growing pains that come with it.

So – Why do we love transformations? We are looking for Inspiration. You have what it takes to be whatever you envision. Believe you are limitless, unstoppable and you will be!

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