Why You Should Join the AW Global Community

They say “It takes a village” to raise a family. The same holds true for build a strong community. The ties that bind Awakened-Woman‘s village are the experiences shared as women. The growing pains gathered throughout your journey are not exclusive. Everyone has their own demons to battle. These vary in type and size as will the threshold of pain.

You are nurtures, caretakers, wives, mothers, partners, daughters, sisters and friends that hold it down for the sake of love and loyalty. Many lucky to have good people to offer support. While you explore the world looking for who you’re meant to be. There are also millions of you with your own army. The only one to fight for you.

I’ve been on both sides of the battlefield. I share your fears, frustrations and hardship. The road is long and difficult but you aren’t alone. There are plenty of us in the same trenches.

Over the course of the last five months Awakened-Woman has been visited by women all over the globe. The blog has been embraced by women in the US, India, Kenya, European Union, Armenia, Greece, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Maldives, Malta, Hong Kong, Belize and Seychelles to name a few. Hearing from readers has empowered and encouraged me to continue sharing my stories. This awakening has led to a purpose. The work is bigger than myself. It’s about being of service to you.

In the past, I allowed my unsavory experiences to make me a victim. Today, lessons learned in the form of relationship woes, painful childhood memories, financial hardship, bad choices are all part of a greater cause. The exchange of stories within this village or community will help women learn from one another. My hope is to raise spirits providing a platform offering inspiration to those beginning their life’s work.

Let’s consider the possibilities. A visualization of a global village gathering at Awakened-Woman. Women across the world aiding each other pushing through to the other side of pain. Finding ways to inspire and encourage other women that may not be as fortunate, strong or fearless as you. Showing empathy and understanding means everything to someone who feels like no one else knows what they go through as a woman.

Are you ready to be part of this global village? Women are strength in numbers. Let’s show our daughters, nieces, granddaughters and all the young girls of the world that women empower women. We have the ability to unite. Support and lift one another during times of need. The present is a gift. Now is the time to be awakened.

Comment or Share your stories. I’d love to hear from you. I’m eternally grateful for you taking the time to read mine.

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Contact me with any questions you may have. Looking forward to hearing back!

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