Where Is Our Girls Club?

During a recent review of posts on Instagram, I came across comments about JLo’s (Jennifer Lopez) behavior at a recent party. She was criticized by a viewer for not acting her age. Apparently, showing off her sexy dance moves was deemed inappropriate. The criticism by fellow females called my attention. I watched the clip and felt there was nothing offensive about it but everyone is entitled to an opinion. Puzzled by the backlash from an Instagram commentator, I ask “Why Do Women Sometimes Pit Against Each Other?” Where is the support from our girls club?

Boys clubs date back centuries to secret societies. Men have always gathered as a way of strengthening ties. This system, although informal has been used by rich men to preserve money and power in exclusive circles. These networks organically created weren’t necessarily formed with intent. However, they have inadvertently alienated women. They lack inclusiveness maintaining unity and supporting their fellow-men.

My group of girlfriends is small but strong. Over time, I’ve learned to surround myself with women possessing qualities I admire. Traits I look up to help empower me. Women that will not judge or bring me down. We have a vast number of intelligent, fearless, powerful and successful women in the world. I truly believe by collectively embracing our female colleagues, friends, sisters, cousins – we can be unstoppable.

I look to celebrate women and their wins. There should be no competition among us. If we strip everyone down to bare essentials we’ll find different colors, shapes and sizes with a common thread – we’re all human. Our gender shares many of the same struggles and challenges. Lets consider all the good we can do if we hold each other down.  We can build our own bigger and bolder women’s club to show strength in numbers across the various areas we dedicate ourselves to around the world.

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