PineApple Women Rock!

A Latin American favorite likely to have originated in South America, the pineapple is a tropical fruit that wears a crown and stands tall. The royal fruit was the inspiration for the name of this thriving female community of empowered Latinas. Pineapple Women was started to inspire others to open their minds, share stories, motivate … More PineApple Women Rock!

Have You Listened to “Conversations with Jen”?

Jennifer Barreto-Leyva is the Editor-in-Chief of Belleza XL magazine and host of Conversaciones con Jen Podcast. The successful lawyer and journalist crushed the stereotypes many of us have become accustomed to seeing when she broke barriers as a Plus Size top model. Jennifer is based in Caracas, Venezuela, the first Latina Plus Model has been … More Have You Listened to “Conversations with Jen”?

Independent, Strong, Driven – So Why Single?

”Does Choosing to Be a Strong and Independent Woman Mean Having to Be Alone” ”Women today have aspirations that exceed the limits set forth by earlier societies. This shift continues to create a beautiful revolution pushing us into a new era.” Read article in BeLatina. Many women want to have children, careers and romantic relationships … More Independent, Strong, Driven – So Why Single?

Magazine is Out!

We all hope for that one moment when we feel our efforts are paying off. Closing in on dreams or goals you’ve worked so hard for…. then it happens! The message of woman empowerment begins to sprout all over the world. Today, the UNCHAIN magazine featured an article on AW and book, ”A Journey to … More Magazine is Out!

Happy Birthday AW!

AW was born one year ago today. An open invitation published, asking you to read about a woman’s journey. Since then thousands of readers worldwide have given AW Follows, Likes and Comments that serve as inspiration. As a Latina woman from New York, I’m humbled. Sharing your stories via DM and email is a gift. … More Happy Birthday AW!

What You Need to Know About Awe-Inspiring and Brazen New York

Hope you are feeling inspired on this day! Born and raised in the city that never sleeps provides an interesting point of view on many things. It seems that by nature of our culture and environment, New Yorkers are perceived to be more open and candid about most topics. Rumor has it, growing up in … More What You Need to Know About Awe-Inspiring and Brazen New York

If You’re Tired of Trying To Be Perfect, This Piece of Advice Can Help

In today’s world, there’s pressure from all sides to maintain appearances of some sort. The most secure women can subconsciously set unrealistic expectations for themselves thinking it is the only way to fulfill her role successfully in society. The standards we look to attain can exhaust the youngest to eldest of women. Social media, entertainment … More If You’re Tired of Trying To Be Perfect, This Piece of Advice Can Help