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Yvette Bodden is an Author. She is the Founder and sole blogger of Awakened-Woman. 

Ms. Bodden has written a collection of over 200 articles between AW, Thrive Global Digital Magazine and DivorceHub.

Her articles, essays, short stories can be found on https://awakened-woman.com. Her first book A Journey to Becoming the Best Self is set for release on July 4, 2019.

Her contributions can be seen on Thrive Global, SmartCoparent and DivorceHub, as well as her blog.

Yvette’s compelling articles about women in life, love, Latino culture, divorce, co-parenting, motherhood, abuse, dating, and relationships demonstrate compassion and understanding for people and real-life situations. Readers can relate to her writing because it comes from personal experience demonstrated through her words.

Her writing reflects a deep connection with the various issues related to women. She is as passionate about her message as she is about her writing – to inspire, encourage and empower women everywhere.

She is a co-parent, divorced, single-working mother.

Soon-to-be-published Author, A Journey to Becoming the Best Self by Black Rose Writing. Release date July 4, 2019

Featured in Women on Topp Magazine Inside the Story of a Freelance Writer

Guest Interview, Unchain your Inner Strength Podcast found on iTunesPodbean, and Spotify

Guest, I’ve Got Your Number Online Blog Radio Show

Contributor for Thrive Global Digital Magazine:

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Contributor for Smartcoparent

Articles published by Smartcoparent

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Past contributor of over 30 Blogs: www.divorceHub.com

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