A New York Christmas

It was always Beth’s dream to visit New York City. As a Midwesterner she had an overwhelming curiosity to see the city that never sleeps. On this night, dreamers would gift her trip to remember.

Bright lights illuminate the night sky with millions of visitors looking around, incessantly in wonder. Star gazers never fret over obstructed city views caused by tall skyscrapers surrounding the island. The city is adorned with street lamps, traffic lights, led signs and holiday glow. A brisk walk during a cold winter’s night shows off beautifully decorated Fifth Avenue.  Dressed in wreaths, red bows and holiday music as passersby pause in admiration. The Rockefeller Center Tree becomes a place to congregate. People travel globally to see the glorious Christmas tree signifying the beginning of holidays in New York. Since 1933, when the tradition began many have been mesmerized by the decorated tree.  During construction of the plaza in 1931, workers were inspired to put up the first tree creating bit of magic during the Depression’s worst years.

The sounds of car horns and people’s quick footsteps while enjoying holiday tunes. An aroma of roasted chestnuts comes from the street cart nearby, signs of a joyous time.  City resident’s moods are uplifted despite hordes of tourists flocking into town. New York becomes a fountain of patience and source of generosity. Residents spread cheer and good will towards its fellow man. The homeless get few extra cents in their cups. Peddlers are happy to bring in extra income from mobs of tourists in town.

All types of unity displayed throughout the city that never sleeps making it shine like no other city in the world.  People of different faiths come together inside the majestic St. Patrick’s Cathedral. While others, huddle at the world’s largest menorah at Grand Army Plaza near Central Park.  There is world unification during this time, however temporary it’s a measure of forgiveness. New York City becomes a stage for peace. Nothing can showcase more beauty than human beings from all walks of life, socioeconomic levels, races, genders, political parties coming together to celebrate joy.

Vibrant NYC described as cold, relentlessly tough and rude is also welcoming, warm and helpful to outsiders that come to visit. In January, tourists make a mass exodus. May, we’re thankful to thaw out from the winter freeze.  July, we enjoy the sun at beaches or sidewalk cafés. September, we get little ones ready for back to school. New York is a melting pot of many different cultures with one thing in common. We all wake up each day with a fighter within to battle all the adversity placed in our paths.  It’s the city that never sleeps with enough energy and soul palpable to those in its presence. There is a reason we get over 60 million visitors each year.

It was Beth’s first trip to the big city, most memorable of her young life. Interrupted by the sound of her alarm by her bedside on Christmas morning.

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