Lend Your Support on Valentine’s Day

On February 14th we celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s the day many couples flood romantic restaurants to show adoration for their mate. Husbands, boyfriends, significant others rush to the scene of a jewelry, Godiva or flower shop to spend money in the name of love.

Millions of women are showered with demonstrations of “I love you.” Put on a pedestal for the day to worship and shown affection. It’s a single day, feast of love going back to the 3rd Century AD. Interesting detail about the day celebrated with so much love – it was born from dark matter. Legends tell the story of emperor Claudius II, declaring it illegal for men to marry during his reign. He was convinced, having wives and families weakened soldiers. Therefore, he wanted his army of men to remain single. Valentine was the priest who defied orders by continuing to perform marriages despite opposition. Once discovered, the emperor ordered Valentine’s death.

Although, it may be tempting to romanticize the idea that single men risked their lives to wed the woman they love. This story may serve as a way to open our eyes to a different reality.  Sometimes, we create our own stories using the bits and pieces that best suit us.

Regardless, how you’re feeling about Valentine’s Day – it’s a celebration of love. It’s not about coupling or relationship status. Instead, try to see it as a day to empower yourself with an emotion that moves you. Evoking the deepest of feelings influencing some beautiful acts.

Women may feel pressured to have a mate around this day but it’s really not a requirement. If you aren’t dating or have a partner at this time. Give yourself all the attention. Fall in love with the woman you’re becoming. If this year, you don’t have a significant other on February 14th, throw your support to a friend or someone who needs to be shown love, encouragement or inspiration. Celebrate friendships and relationships with those that fill your life with love. They will feel better for it, so will you.

Happy Love Day💋

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