These Women Know Who They’re Meant To Be – You Can Too

Each of us carries a dream. A wish or next big idea but how many of us really follow through to its realization? Which ones will we shape into something truly great? What will fill our hearts and minds?

Bringing desires to life doesn’t mean wealth or fame. It gives us purpose and true meaning. Not only can these things change us. It will change others’ lives too. So, why sit and ponder instead of acting? It all comes down to will.

How badly are we willing to work for success? How much pain are we able to withstand? Are we prepared to stand up to resistance? Will there be opposition to get in the way, on the road to where we want to go?

Men and women have incredible will which can be used to survive, break free or make a difference. We bulldoze through life breaking ground because we’re confident in the knowledge we can win the ultimate prize. The refusal to be limited by resources, age, rejection, education can generate strength. Having conviction helps bring down barriers placed in our way.

Wendy Caldwell became a rookie police officer in Houston at 54-years of age. She started the academy in her 20’s but had to leave training to raise a family. Later in life, a divorce forced her to re-examine everything. She returned to the academy at 52 to finish what she started all those years ago. The initial impression was “She could be someone’s grandmother, what is she doing?” But it didn’t take long for fellow classmates to take her seriously. What could be worse than accepting defeat by a woman? The idea that a much older female left her younger classmates in the trenches can bruise an ego or two. The rookie academy class didn’t know what hit them. Despite an injury during academy training, she refused to quit. Ms. Caldwell returned to complete her training, successfully after healing. She never looked back, earning everyone’s respect.

Jessica Vosk plays the role of Elphaba in “Wicked.” One of New York City’s biggest and most popular theatre productions. She grew up dreaming of singing on Broadway. Reality put her on a different path. The yellow brick road would have to wait until later in life. Although, deep down there was a yearning to do what she was born to do. Bills and rent had to be paid. The financial security of a successful job on Wall Street wasn’t enough to keep her still, forever. Spending years after college managing VIP clients provided a lucrative career as an investor relations executive in the financial industry. Extended hours at the office, a heavy workload along with several promotions created an intensity not sustainable over time. She became exhausted. Some time after, Jessica began experiencing panic attacks making her question all the decisions made, up until that point. Was she truly happy with the life she was living?

Well, one day she woke up to call it quits. Her family was concerned for her well-being but she was determined to find her passion. Jessica knew the quest would lead to meaning. Her love for singing, along with dreams of Broadway pushed her to dozens of auditions. She pushed her limits and never gave up on herself. Years of small parts in shows such as Fiddler on the Roof, Bridges of Madison County, Neverland and the traveling production of Wicked paid off. They prepared her for her biggest role, yet.

In 2018, she sang to Broadway goers in New York City as Elphaba. Everyone had arrived to see her do what she was meant for, perform lead on that stage. When asked what would be her advice to others. She said “If you know you’re meant to be somewhere else. Life is too short not to take a risk. Sometimes, a long shot can be disappointing to people but if you don’t go after what it is you love. You will end up disappointing yourself more.”

These women inspire and encourage me to hold on to the will to fight for my own dreams. There are plenty of days, I’m not sure if my ideas for the Awakened-Woman blog will take off. In the world of publishing, there is plenty of uncertainty. I don’t know if my soon-to-be released book “Awakened by Divorce: A Journey to Finding My Best Self” will sell or get lost in the millions of books published each year. There are no guarantees. I look around to see millions of unsung heroes in the world. Why keep going?

I know without a doubt – if I don’t take a chance, I’ll never know what I’m capable of. How will I discover what’s possible if I don’t try?

Do you know where you’re meant to be? Are you taking steps to get closer to your goals or dreams?

Start at home – look within yourself for the answer.

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