Empowerment Series: A Memoir by Molly Kochan

“I was hating the world before it could hate me. But this winning didn’t feel good. I might have beat everyone to the punch but I was isolated, alone, always out of place and pretty sure I didn’t like myself.”

Molly Kochan (Raw, honest and incredibly powerful. Unapologetic, true to herself is what made her so beautiful!)

Unsure what to expect the first time I listened to the Dying for Sex Podcast, hit play with an open mind and earphones plugged in for privacy. Hosts, Molly Kochan and Nikki Boyer’s antics reminded me of conversations with best girlfriends. Honest, raw and hysterically uncensored girl chats about boys and life, so much it can make almost anyone blush. But the most surprising and best part of listening to the series? I completely understood its purpose. It is not a frivolous tale of escapades but a story. A woman looking to feel alive and in control of her body sets out on a mission to find herself and answers. She accomplishes what she sets out to do by learning to embrace desires, past ghosts, and a reality. In order to find inner peace and closure, Molly had to come to terms with everything that happened in her life up until the present time. An exchange of emotions combined with curiosity, as adventures are revealed to make you laugh, cry, and reflect while appreciating life. The narrative deserves an ear without judgment to truly grasp how the power of vulnerability builds connection. You are likely to feel inspired and encouraged when listening to this podcast. Leading you to think about your own life and how you want to live from this day forward.

In the podcast Dying for Sex, Molly takes us on a ride during the last phase of life’s journey, now she brings us deeper into her story with a book. The Amazon release is set for August 18. The memoir is deeply personal, touching on the most intimate parts of her soul. Each of us has a story but until it is shared, you won’t understand its power. This is the tale of a girl who wanted what everyone wants – LOVE.

During this time when we’re asking ourselves so many life questions, try this for size. This book lends a microscope into the life of a woman who embraces her truth as her time on this planet was ending. Imagine what would happen if you accepted and revealed your own truth to the world while you are still here? Now. Today.

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