How to Write Our Own Rules

Women seem to spend a great deal of time following rules. Society sets guidelines and for the most part we follow. Men are more likely to be encouraged to break the rules. They will do it many times over to maximize their potential.

Fortunately, over the past decade more women are claiming their power. They are challenging all types of boundaries set by others. But as we are all well aware, change doesn’t happen overnight. The key to remember is that each of us has a gift to contribute to society. The allowances handed out in increments create a pot of gold.

I’m not specifically suggesting it’s all about breaking the rules. Taking action is more than that – it is about writing your own rules. Once you grasp the concept you can run with it. Do yourself a favor, open your mind to bigger dreams then go out and write your own story. Live the life envisioned. Whatever it is – it’s living by your rules that matters most. Making things happen in your own unique way. The most amazing part of this runaway train? Influencing and encouraging others to become empowered too.  Having a positive effect on everyone that comes in contact with you is forever rewarding.

Looking back now, I believe my mom helped me see the value in doing things my way. She held the mold of loyal caretaker, wife and mother.  As we got older something shifted. Maybe it was divorce or life experience but she began to look for ways to make herself happy too. It seems she figured out that making others happy didn’t have to mean giving herself less than she deserved. The process has taken time to get right. Eventually, it offered an opportunity to design a different life for herself post-divorce. One that would give her the joy she desired without infringing on anyone else’s life. She lives for herself and still does, today. Bless her – it’s what many of us look to achieve our entire lives but are too afraid to go for it.

My own divorce forced me to explore what made me happy. Not surprisingly, many of us lose sight of what personal happiness looks like. Our priority is often others’ happiness. We tend to do what’s expected which isn’t always of our choosing. Of course, the process of self-discovery is ongoing. It has helped me immensely to change my perspective on roles in life.

It isn’t mandatory to follow the blueprint handed to you. Women can create a personal model using rules already in place as a stepping stone. My strategy is to utilize the tools, resources and lessons provided by those that came before me. Using the information to set a foundation for the work then build out my own dreams.

Dare yourself to write your own rules. Live by your standards, stand strong on the things you believe and know that no matter what you do with your life – you always have yourself to fall back on. There are options. If there aren’t any suitable ones in sight, there’s nothing wrong with making new roads to lead the path.

So long as, you stay true, believe and love yourself nothing can stop you. Just as important, is to respect fellow women doing the same thing. See them as peers and mentors. We have the capability to create new rules alongside one another building greatness, one woman at a time.

What rule will you write for yourself this coming year?

“Protected content. 2018”

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