Women’s Pocket Survival Guide to Online Dating

If you’re looking for love but not a millennial, a dating app is probably the last thing you want to explore. The idea that you can find the right guy while surfing from your phone or laptop isn’t exactly appealing for many women. There’s a wide range of reasons for feeling this way.  Do age hangups, culture or personality have an effect on how we see online dating? Or could it be that some of us are still a bit stuck on bumping into Mr. Wonderful in the least likely places. It is possible that the reason is a combination of all these things? Each woman’s reasoning is different as the the woman herself.

Unfortunately, dating apps aren’t going away. Numbers show just how much the convenience is paying off. In 2017, Tinder was valued at approximately $3 billion. I assume its 50 million members are enjoying the features, enough to pay for it. Additionally, there are other well-known apps such as Match, Bumble, and Zoosk gaining popularity. Newer sites are even catering to more clients such as The League. An app that requires an invitation to join. Quite the exclusive dating club for elite professionals.

There is no right or wrong way to date – just different. Technology is not only changing the way we communicate with each other. It’s modifying the way we connect. If you decide to keep your options open there are some helpful tips to help along the way. You may want to keep these in your back pocket!

Online dating can be intimidating. Linking up with someone after only exchanging electronic communication requires savvy thinking. There have been a slew of news stories about the dangers of online dating. Incidents we should not ignore, to the contrary you must remain informed. However, it is possible to have fun with online dating. First to do is research the app reviews. The pool you dive into can make the smallest difference in the type of experience you have with online dating.

Here are few other smart tips to help you get started on this new adventure.

  1. Communicate with the (POI) “person of interest” for a moderate amount of time before committing to a meeting. It’s important to remembee that you meet in a public place the first time. Coffee is be a good start. Doesn’t matter whether or not you drink coffee! It’s about having the most benign meet and greet possible. The focus should be gathering information on chemistry, personality and matching potential.
  2. Research. I might get a little heat for saying this – Google can be your best friend. If you were to buy a house, car, vacation – you would research first, wouldn’t you? You’d want to find out as much as possible before entering in contract for purchase or rental. Arming yourself with information about who you’re engaging with socially is necessary to stay safe. Protect yourself – always.
  3. Share your location. Tell your friends and family where you’ll be and with who in case something goes sideways. Keeping them informed of your plans adds a layer of security.
  4.  Trust your gut. Listen to words and observe behavior during to the conversations that take place. You don’t need to be paranoid but be attentive to the red flags that could arise. If something in your heart, the deepest part of you tells you something is off kilter. Take it as a sign of trouble ahead. Use your internal indicator. Your women’s intuition is your little helper! Don’t be afraid to believe your gut. It can save you.
  5. Ask questions. Get to know this person by asking questions that no one else thinks about – it’s not an interrogation. It’s a way of learning about those things that aren’t obvious to anyone else.

If you’re going to try online dating have fun with it but be smart. Stay cautious of the perils that can come from the unknown. Keep these tips in your back pocket to use as a guide. It could prevent putting yourself in an uncomfortable or menacing situation.

Take baby steps while you find your footing on the dating scene. You’ll get the hang of it. Worst case scenario you can meet new people until the real thing finds you. For now, have fun!

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