“When A Woman is Silent, Listen To Her Very Carefully” – Unknown

Women are taught at an early age about all the things a lady should never say. We’re bombarded by society with the underlying message that a man’s voice is louder than ours.  When she stands up to raise her voice against unfairness of any kind it’s seen as a some type of rebellion instead of courage. We’re expected to maintain an elegant silence to avoid being confronted, shamed or embarrassed by others. Over time, the negative energy brews from the repression we withstand. The years or decades of it begins to stifle our emotional growth.

We are the keepers of secrets. Silencing our unhappiness, frustration and disappointments to save or appease others. Quieting our voices for love, loyalty or fear of humiliation if we come forward. I can reasonably rationalize any of the explanations for not talking about it. Women across the globe can take turns on a podium individually, offering their explanation for not speaking up. Whether the stillness is caused by abuse of any kind or a lack of confidence. Women everywhere often opt not to share an expression of their thoughts, feelings or aspirations outside of intimate circles.

If I had a dime for the number of times I’ve heard a woman say “We just don’t talk about those things” I’d have my own private island! There is a lot we go through as women. Much of the things we experience in our lives is unique to the gender and can only be understood by another female. We are designed with an intricate emotional wiring system. At times, the complexity may sway us to build a defensive wall against anyone that doesn’t entirely understand how we feel. The silence can help fend off criticism or backlash that might be received if we are too outspoken. Going against the grain is a huge undertaking that we have begun to revert to, however, not nearly enough women are ready to take off the tape.

Society sets the boundaries. Some of which were outlined back when women didn’t have the freedoms they do today. It is our responsibility as mothers, educators and professionals to push the limits. We must encourage each other to express our thoughts, fears and opinions to anyone that wants to hear them. There is a way to let ourselves be heard without imposing negativity on others. Creating empathy, understanding and shaping our vision with the voice behind it to empower. It could be the most productive way to help the world see what we see. Paving the road for the younger female population. We will be helping them prepare to be the leaders of tomorrow guiding women towards a better future.

“Protected content. 2018”


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