What Are You Doing Today to Learn Something New?

For the past 4 years on Monday to Friday, I wake up to an alarm ensuring a timely commute to work. My arrival at the same office these past 957 days minus vacation time has been mostly uneventful. I’m grateful to have the means to put a roof over my head. It’s always a great thing to have the ability to provide all the necessities required to live out a decent life. Gratitude is first and foremost.

Most of us have similar routines. We go about our day without questioning what’s next. We just do. Life sometimes shifts our lives into autopilot making us forget that we’re the ones in control of the ship. Until one day, something extraordinary begins to happen. The event can take place at any given age or time. The likelihood of you arriving at this moment without warning is highly probable. However, you will know when you get to the glorious intervention.

We are creatures of habit. Living out a life that doesn’t demand much thought. It gets easier to go through the motions as time passes. But, what happens when you start feeling uninspired? There will be a time you might ask yourself for the first time in years or ever “When was the last time I learned something new?” When did I last feel inspired and fulfilled by what I’m doing? Am I taking full advantage of my skills, intelligence, resourcefulness and talents to the best of my ability? Is there growth to come from here on? What am I learning today that I didn’t know a month or year ago?

There are two things I considered after all these questions hit my head like a slingshot. The first is what would be the result over time if I didn’t fully use my brain? Keeping our brains sharp as we age is constant work. We are bombarded by life’s stresses and aging body. However, there is a way to maintain ourselves agile. A psychology professor at Northwestern University in Boston, Lisa Feldman Barrett was interviewed by The New York Times. During her talk she offered advice to help keep cognitive skills razor-sharp. The best way to get the brains’ motor running at maximum performance is to challenge it as often as possible. It’s crucial to continuously learn new things. The key is making it difficult and painfully frustrating which in turn exercises cognitive skills. It will signal the brain to keep pushing. This is a much more sensible alternative than allowing it to get accustomed to being lazy or dormant. Isn’t it?

The second consideration during my thought process was contemplating an uninspired life. We carry so much on our plates, particularly as women. Our responsibilities at home and work can be draining. We leave it all on the table every day for our loved ones to feast. The nourishment being provided to others love, patience, mental and physical energy sometimes takes it all out of us. Our loved ones inspire us do it all for them. A beautiful and selfless act of love? Yes, it is. However, we should learn to find our own inspiration to live the best life possible. Shouldn’t some of that power we possess be used for our own personal fulfillment?

Do you feel inspired? If not, what will you learn or what new task can you begin? I challenge you to answer this question for yourself today.

I’m a work in progress as we all are, asking myself this question each day. I welcome you to Share Your Comments at bottom of this post. How will you begin learning something new or find inspiration today?


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