Oops! We Did it Again!

There are moments during our lives when it seems the work is not delivering the return we expect. You give your everything in an attempt to make it all happen. The hope is that things will fall into their rightful place. On rare occasion, spontaneous combustion lights up a fortune or luck strikes in your favor but more often times, the wins come in small increments. They don’t happen as fast as we would like but the journey can provide opportunities to meet inspiring people.

Kay Kelman is one of the many empowering women I have connected with since starting AW. She is the artist and founder behind the La FEMME Artiste Exhibition. An all-female art exhibit creating exciting buzz on the West Coast. Ms. Kelman of Naked Canvas Art saw an important void that needed to be filled. The need to display arts created by women. All types of imaginative works that reflect the many gifts found throughout the various art forms.

On February 2, 2019, La FEMME Artiste was kind enough to host Awakened-Woman.com at the PVAA art show in Montclaire, CA. I am pleased to announce AW has been invited back to the August 2019 show. The book “A Journey to Becoming the Best Self” will be showcased.

I’m truly honored and grateful to be in the company of great female artists. We have the capability of empowering one another, strengthening the ties of womanhood. The power of inspiration should not be underestimated. There are careers we end up in by default. Others purposely choose a field, in fact, they cannot imagine doing anything else. Once in a while, we find ourselves being selected by the craft. Regardless, of the path taken to get to your ultimate destination, surrounding yourself with powerful women will attract other powerful women.

I’m proud to have amazing women with me during the walk to greatness. Hopefully, you are constructing your own tribe of empowerment to help build on the foundation you’ve started to lay out for yourself.

A Journey to Becoming the Best Self can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for purchase.

“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

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