Cheers to Women on Topp

Women everywhere are creating their own definition of success. We are in the C-Suite, moguls and entrepreneurs building our own corporations but how do we know when we’ve arrived? How can you tell if you are a woman who has made it to the top? The finish line gets tricky because we all measure success differently.

Wana Miri, Owner and Founder of digital magazine Woman on Topp is an example that hard work, persistence and determination can produce great results.  She arrived Holland with her family at the age of 8 as a refugee. Her first business idea was born when she recruited a friend to sell yellow pages she took from her brother and sister. She could not have known at 9 years old that it was illegal to make money from selling directories, hence her siblings were handing them out for free. This was the first sign she had a head for business.

Wana graduated from the University of Rotterdam, Netherlands and took a position as controller for American Medicine wholesaler. She had a series of jobs but did not feel fulfilled. There was always a nagging feeling that something was amiss. She had her own perspective, strong convictions and wanted to voice them as a woman. Thinking outside the corporate box is not exactly a great way to make good with the boss.

The experience planted a seed – she wanted to be inspired. Her natural curiosity forced her to look for news, articles or blogs that would ignite a spark encouraging her to dive into a dream – entrepreneurship. She admired the drive and passion motivating people to go out there and build something that not only would assist others but inspire her, too. Wana was looking to be more but all the information she found was focused around men. Instinctively, she knew the change had to include bringing more women into this fresh new forum. This is where Women on Topp came into play.

The digital magazine was created to inspire other to find their own dream as a professional and modern woman. She uses the platform to educate and encourage women to elevate themselves to their true potential. It is a source of information for the career driven woman looking for information on marketing, branding and network engagement. Business strategy is key, as is understanding the various components that go into building your personal empire. Women On Topp provides a tool kit to help prepare for your walk up the ladder of success.

The best weapon we have as women is to unite, learn and support one another. I am excited to collaborate with the team from Women On Topp on a feature with Awakened-Woman. The upcoming interview provides an opportunity to share AW’s plans for 2019, inspiring a larger audience of fellow women working on their own dreams for success. It is within reach for every woman who wants it and willing to go the extra mile.

More details on this interview soon!

“Protected content. 2019”

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