The Passionistas Project

The birth of AW has provided a platform to share stories about women including myself and other awakened women. My hope is that readers will feel hope they too, can do anything. This opportunity has provided a gateway to meet amazing females who have encouraged me to continue the pursuit of knowledge and empowerment.

The Passionistas Project is the latest on a list of inspirations. Sisters, Amy and Nancy Harrington started this project inspired by the #MeToo movement and #TimesUp campaign. The decision to use their experience as interviewers has helped tell many stories. The skilled ladies switched their celebrity correspondent hats to work on a different mission. Sharing true stories about real women became the bigger goal. Sitting down with women wanting to show the world their truth.

Podcasters often use airtime to spotlight local and international popular personalities. Amy and Nancy created a platform for phenomenal women, unknown to the world. Using their voice to speak out has helped others in their journeys. They shine the light on positive stories that make a difference around the world.

The Passionistas Project Podcast has extended an invitation to AW to guest blog on their site. The article will be published to their on March 5, 2020. If you have not visited Passionistas, stop by and check them out.

Thank you Amy and Nancy for continuing to empower women everywhere.

Protected content. 2020

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