Fierce Women Rising

Do you consider yourself fierce, a badass and confident woman who owns her life? It wasn’t long ago when the thought of that woman was elusive to me. The idea that not only could I be myself but find self-acceptance was difficult to imagine. Spending much of my life settling for less than I deserved, only fueled the insecurities. Often times the behavior led to decisions that were not in my best interest, serving others most. The internal battle I had been fighting for decades hindered me from getting to a place of self-worth.

Pain has the ability to cripple the most beautiful and joyful souls but can also ignite a fire. Divorce was a life-changing event that forced a period of reflection in my life. Learning to embrace the woman was a process that continues today. We all have moments of doubt, we vi cannot allow these to get in the way of our goals and dreams. Unexpected events in life, although distressing can serve as a great teacher, if you choose to focus on the lesson.

Being strong and feeling empowered isn’t about never making mistakes or always maintaining composure. It is about rising from the ashes wiser and more powerful when the chips fall. I would not be the woman I am today, were it not for the adversity endured, same for you.

This week readers can read the AW story in a way never shared before. ROAR Magazine has published a very special and intimate piece I wrote exclusively for the magazine.  The empowering and beautiful images fit piece beautifully, and my appreciation to Melissa Kelly and her team is eternal.

I look forward to your comments soon. Pieces of the poat will be see on AW, as well as, its social media platforms. Visit ROAR for the full story.

Original photograph owned and published by ROAR.

Protected content. 2020


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