ROAR! Fierce and Empowering

Melissa Kelly stumbled on her gift, like many others, by really seeing through to the heart of a matter. She saw a void that needed to be filled and found the courage to dare go for it.

Women have different means to raise their voices against injustice. Unfair or hostile treatment comes in many forms including violence, harassment, or abuse. The mistreatment may be physical, emotional or psychological, often leaving irreversible damage. We must recognize the pain then use it to fight back. It is necessary to exercise our rights as human beings by speaking out. Everyone can contribute individually by taking their power back one act a time.

The professional photographer was looking for fierce feminine goddesses to showcase in her shoot. Women dressed as warriors that would impact readers visually. The amazing number of responses led to something better. Melissa’s purpose was born from this assignment. She found the women being photographed all had a story that needed to be told to anyone willing to hear it. ROAR! Fierce Feminine Rising came to life by giving all types of women a loudspeaker.

The magazine’s images are visually and spiritually empowering. The connection was impossible to ignore. The first time I looked through its pages, it was awe-inspiring. I was overcome by feelings of power, strength, and femininity, as I looked at the photos accompanying the stories.

If you can imagine how I felt when Melissa invited me to submit Awakened-Woman’s story to the magazine. The AW narrative appeals to the everyday female. The one that wakes up every morning to fight for what she wants and deserves. The girl who has the courage to be and love herself after learning the lessons from past mistakes. The woman that does not give up in spite of anyone’s belief her pipe dream has no legs.

Awakened-Woman‘s story has been accepted by ROAR for its March 2020 issue. The beautiful magazine created by Melissa Kelly has gained a place in AW’s must-see because the photographs and stories are about giving female warriors an opportunity to speak up. The beauty is shown from the inside out for readers to gain an understanding of womanhood.

Excited, proud, grateful and looking forward to working with Melissa on this upcoming project. Happy to share this piece of news as Awakened-Woman continues to take shape in 2020.

Supporting other women is a great way to empowerment. ROAR’s goal to create a sisterhood is being realized by connection. Please join us in celebrating women warriors everywhere!

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