Open Letter to Readers on Christmas

Dear Readers of AW,

May you be spending today with loved ones that bring comfort and joy into your home. As you open beautifully wrapped boxes on Christmas morning, remember, there are many whose lives are not as blessed. Give thanks.

I hope your heart is full and you are presented not necessarily with the gifts you want. It is my wish that you have all you need to live a happy and healthy existence. Be grateful.

While the hours pass quickly and fun is in full gear. Take pause, look around you, long enough to understand that the life you have been given is a gift. Stay in the present, allow yourself to enjoy the things that are free and irreplaceable. Appreciate simplicity.

A certain amount of time is granted on earth. Live each moment to the fullest. The past is behind us, the present isn’t always bright but hope for a better future is possible.

My wish is that the love of Christmas and self-love provide you with the strength to keep pushing towards your goals.

Mi deseo para todas, es que el amor de las Navidades y hacia ti misma te de la fuerza para seguir adelante en todas tus metas.

Merry Christmas & Feliz Navidad to all the awakened women!

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