Women For Change

“One Woman Can Change Anything; Many Women Can Change Everything”                                            — Christine Karumba

I recently read Leading Women – 20 Influential Women Share Their Secrets to Leadership, Business, and Life. The powerful book is written by Nancy D. O’ Reilly, Psy. D. along with a team of strong-willed, successful women. My initial impression was the book might be better suited for more senior women in business. Was I wrong! The deeper I delved into the meat and bones of it, the more I realized the topics addressed affect all women. Most of us have a desire to feel empowered and get control of our lives. We aspire to find the true potential that help bring our goals and dreams to life.

If you’re looking to change the course of your life add this book to your reading list. May I suggest afterwards you pay it forward by passing the book along to a daughter, friend, colleague, sister or mother.

Leading Women is a loaner book from a good friend. She received it as a parting gift from a professor after her thesis. I was impressed by Dr. Reilly’s commitment to empower women. She did this not only with words but with action, as well. She’s the president of Women Connect4Good, Inc., a foundation of woman leaders that work collaboratively to help other women live a life with purpose. A life satisfied at work, home and place in the world.

The book helped me understand that my need to feel fulfilled is healthy and necessary. My truth is that in order to live a joyful and full life I must find purpose not only at home and work but within society. Being truly empowered means unleashing my personal power and making a difference in others’ lives. If each one of us can do this individually, imagine the strength we’d have in numbers. If we worked together to make one change at a time the possibilities are endless. We can begin by elevating one another at every corner of the world.

I hope you join me in this important journey. Show kindness to fellow women next time the opportunity presents itself.

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  1. […] Do you ever pick yourself apart thinking about the things you dislike or would like to change about yourself? I used to do it all the time until I realized the truth about myself.  There is insurmountable pressure on women to preserve youth. We’ve been led to believe beauty is defined by our looks. This ideal injects insecurities in the most beautiful women in the world. We’re never quite happy with what we have. It’s our nature to be dissatisfied with some part of ourselves. Unless, we choose to accept and love the body we are in this will never change. […]


  2. […] Women have long been conditioned to a world of restrictions. We are expected to be mindful of the way we carry ourselves. The manner in which you speak, dress, act and behave is closely observed looking for faults to form judgments. The rules apply in all aspects of life including business. If we are too much of a go-getter we’re perceived as aggressive but if the behavior is tame it can lead to situations that invite others to run us over. One of the countless dilemmas faced? How to create greatness in an environment of resistance? […]


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