Thank God It’s Friday!

It’s Friday, end of the work week. Many of us are anxious and ready to get our weekend started. Just to hear the name of the week puts a smile on our faces. There must be at least a dozen songs that have been written about Friday or the weekend. Why? It makes us happy not to have to hear the alarm tomorrow morning. It makes our hearts sing to know we can spend extra time with those we choose to share valuable time with on days off. It is the day, we try to get away from our routine lives and try doing something playful, fun or carefree. It is pure joy knowing we can let our hair down with friends or family. The decompression begins as soon as the clock turns to 5p, 6p or whatever time your day at work is done.  Exhale!

Summertime is here giving us an extra pep in our step because if we’re lucky we’ll get to hit the beach, pool or park to enjoy some well-deserved sun. Oh, so many reasons to be joyful of this day! Today unlocks the good moods releasing oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins and dopamine in buckets.

We all know that Monday will come around quicker than light speed.  It sneaks up on us like a mouse trying to steal a piece of cheese from the trap.  Therefore, enjoy each minute of your Saturday and Sunday.  When the week starts all over again try to recall this feeling to get you through the hump!


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