Summer Soltice Has Arrived. Kick-Off a Hot Season with a Cool 3 Things to Do for Yourself!

Depending on where you were this morning. On or around 6:07 AM today, summer arrived. Each year, this day gives millions of us a bright spot.

Scientifically, the summer solstice occurs when the sun is at its most elevated point in the sky. It is the longest day of the year with the shortest night.

For us, summer solstice means the official start of summer. The beaches and pools prepare to open for business. We collect our sunglasses, bathing suits and tote bags to get as much Vitamin D as possible. While others start building their iTunes playlist with sounds of summer to get them in the mood for fun. Don’t forget Rose season kicks off. Summer is the time when we can’t get enough of the Blush wines of France. In certain areas of the East Coast, we’ve already experienced a short heat wave in advance of the season. Smiles from the young, old and in between ages at the sight of the hot sun. As everyone begins to make plans to enjoy the outdoors. Our children have their break for summer while we take in the beauty of seeing them play in the sun. However, for adults summer is much more than sunny days on the beach. We continue to wake up for work each day trying to figure out what is next in our lives.

Summer is a time to unwind. Whether the year is bogged down by work, cold weather, school schedules or anything else. This is the time to reward ourselves with an activity that will reinvigorate us. Find a space that will force you to rethink life and all the possibilities around you. These are my top 3 things to start the summer off right. They are inexpensive, easy and cool to do alone, if you can.

1. Good Reads:  I love a romantic novel as much as the next girl. I also like reading books that enrich my life in some way. Books that will empower me by adding value to my life. Choose a book that provokes thought but makes you giggle in between. Give yourself the “Me” time by entertaining yourself with an author that will re-energize your mind and soul from the inside out. Get lost in their words while reading outdoors on a bench by a tree, beneath a beach umbrella or on the lawn of your favorite park. Check out my next blog, where I discuss my favorite books. You will not be disappointed instead you might be inspired after closing the last chapter. I invite you to leave comments or feedback on the blog about my suggestions. Happy Reading!

2. Take one Trip to a Beach: One of the most soothing sounds is the ocean. It’s spellbinding, taking my mind to another place and time.  It is on my top 5 favorite things to do because I feel calm. Try immersing yourself in a moment where the sound of the waves take over your mind, even if, momentarily.  A visit to the beach is equal to a session of therapy!

3. Watch a Sunset: There is something magical about watching the sun go down. We spend our days rushing through life. It’s a marathon of thoughts and actions rolled up in schedules. Living on a clock is exhausting to the point of draining the mental and physical energy out of your body. One of the coolest things to enjoy and appreciate is a sunset. It reminds me to reflect on what today has brought to my life. Tomorrow is a new beginning offering the opportunity  to start over. So, whatever I didn’t get right today, I might get right tomorrow.

These are just a few things we can enjoy this summer. Whether you try one or all of these, you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you open your mind to the possibilities. Happy Summer!

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