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Marital separations or any breakup can cause great sorrow and anger. We can feel both emotions in no specific order or length of time. Truthfully, hopelessness took residence in my soul for several years. The dissolution of my marriage was extremely painful to deal with, not knowing how to fix me was the worst. There were days I’d wake up with heaviness in my heart. Other days, I felt enough rage to move an army of men. I was drowning in a feeling of abandonment by the one person I thought would always fight for me. Ain’t that a kick in the ass! The departure from a marriage left no room to love which led to building a moat around me. I wanted to protect myself from love so I wouldn’t hurt again. All the emotions in play were ideal for a destructive vortex that could swoop me into a hole of negativity. I desperately looked for something to believe in, a reason. Anything that would help make sense of all this. Time took me through a passageway of events, eventually pushing me through to the other side of the pain. ” 

–  Excerpt from “A Journey to Becoming The Best Self”

The journey to my awakening has been a long one. At times, lonely but necessary to arrive to the woman I’m becoming.

It’s important to seek growth. A constant evolving that will bring you closer to your greatest self. Experiencing the lessons really do prepare you for the next phases of life.

There is a lot to be grateful for in life. The pain from divorce helped transform me into a stronger and wiser woman. It taught me forgiveness for myself and ex-husband while showing us both the power of love for a child. We put her first and still do.

The process forced me to look at myself, as well as, the choices I was making while in search of happiness. Best of all, it taught me unconditional love for myself.

The story is the same for millions of women (and some men) that have experienced a difficult divorce or breakup. It’s never easy no matter who severs the relationship. These moments leave us in much pain, we forget that heartbreak isn’t fatal. It may hurt the ego, inject anger in the veins and consume the soul with sadness. But you come full circle, eventually.

We should seek mutual forgiveness to help us move on from the hurt. We heal, so too does the heart.

I’m proof of the possibilities.

Protected content. 2019”


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