Girl’s Night Unfiltered

This weekend I was lucky to enjoy a girls night with a group of smart, strong and assertive women. It had been a minute since I got together with friends for some old fashioned girl talk. The time spent as a group is where the magic really happens!

There is a lot to be said on open mic night. We say what we want and how we want. There are no rules or boundaries as to what we share with each other. It’s liberating to be able to discuss everything from relationships, men to frustrations at home and work. Our roles as mothers, wives, girlfriends are demanding. It can feel like we’re always taking care of others sometimes draining the life out of our bodies. We grow weary and sometimes unappreciated because all the things we do can be taken for granted. We hold our breath and exhale when we get a few minutes that will provide us with an opportunity to release. It isn’t easy – even if we make it look like it is. The attention and dedication that goes into the deeds we do is love’s work. We can try and talk to our partners if we consider them a best friend. However, it might be unrealistic to believe the conversation would have the same tone as if it were a girlfriend. NOT! I’d wager that topics would need to be modified to ensure you don’t say anything hurtful or divulge any information that could be damaging to your relationship. For example, how bad the sex was with him last night? The truth of the matter is that regardless of how close you and your significant other might be, there will be things that remain in your vault. There is a potential need for some censorship down the line if you take the path less traveled.

Female friendships are necessary for a woman.  It’s important to develop these bonds over time with the right group of females, of course.  Having healthy connections with other women that will support and comfort you while relating to your experiences can be valuable. Not only do we share a gender, we also deal with many of the same issues. If we can lean on each other to help push us through some of the rough terrain it might make the journey feel less lonely. Maybe, even having some fun while doing it!

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